Lindsay Lohan is all smiles working out the other day

Lindsay Lohan's mother Dina will visit her in rehab for the first time today it has been reported.The 'Mean Girls' star's mom and manager was said to be on her way to Los Angeles yesterday to visit her daughter at Malibu's Promises Center. A source told VH1's 'Best Week Ever' show: "First and foremost, Dina is a mother, and Lindsay and Dina can't wait to see each other. Lindsay is in a great place, emotionally and physically, and this is great for her."Dina's visit will be Lindsay's first from a family member since entering rehab last Monday following her arrest for DUI (driving under the influence) two days earlier. The 20-year-old's mother has cancelled her scheduled appearance at the Paws for Style charity event in New York to be with her.While in Los Angeles, Dina will also baby-sit Lindsay's dogs.The 'Georgia Rule' star has a white Maltese named Chloe, and this year purchased two puppies, a Jack Russell and a Yorkshire terrier named Dakota and Brooklyn. Lindsay - who was arrested in Hollywood last month after crashing her car into the curb - is being treated for alcoholism and drug abuse. Police found a "usable amount" of cocaine at the scene of the accident. Lindsay has only left rehab to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, the gym and church and has been keeping a low profile.It is not known if she is still intending to celebrate her 21st birthday with a party in Las Vegas next month. Her latest film projects have been put on hold.


Anonymous said…
These girls need to get a grip on reality. Everyone needs to stop pampering them and let them deal with there issues before they kill themselves or someone else. The press needs to stop glamorizing them or our teens will think they are wonderful when infact they are disgusting.
James Edstrom said…
The press wont stop making these kids media whores. If you notice my site, I do stories on every age. The magazines won't do anything about anyone over 30 unless its real big news. Thanks for reading.