Angelina Jolie is busy these days

Angelina Jolie is to bed Pierce Brosnan in her new film.The stunning actress - who has a family with Brad Pitt - will star with the former Bond actor in the sequel to 'The Thomas Crown Affair'. In 'The Topkapi Affair', Angelina and Pierce are set to get hot and steamy together in a number of racy sex scenes. A source is quoted by Britain's The Sun newspaper as saying: "Pierce is keen to turn the 'Thomas Crown' films into a long-running series of movies. He believes the Crown character has the potential to have the same appeal as Bond, especially with a beautiful leading lady like Angelina."Shooting on the movie will start in Egypt and Russia next year, after Angelina finishes filming 'Wanted'. Pierce, 54, is currently getting ready to start shooting the big screen version of hit musical 'Mamma Mia!' - based on the songs of Swedish pop group ABBA.