James Edstrom with Sirius Hosts Romaine Patterson and Derek Hartley

Things got real explosive on the hit Sirius Radio show Derek and Romaine last night. If you listened to the show, you know what I mean. Besides talking about inmate # 69 Paris Hilton and white powder restroom lady Lindsay Lohan, hosts Derek Hartley and Romaine Patterson and me, got into a heated fight about a Thanksgiving dinner at Derek's house over three years ago. It seems Derek is still pissed that me and Romaine sat at his antique table and we made it wobble. The fight started when I asked Derek when he was going to invite us over for another holiday. He said never. When I asked why, he went off about his antique table that me and Romaine sat at and made wobble. He acted like we threw it out the window or something. Between him yelling at me and Romaine for ten minutes about his wobbly table, all I wanted to know was if we were going to be invited back as I love Derek's cooking. He's a master in the kitchen. He yelled that we would never be invited back, but Romaine said she would have me over for the holidays. Too bad Romaine can't even cook a glass of milk !