Actress Emma Thompson will light up anywhere !

Emma Thompson reportedly infuriated Will Smith by smoking in a New York restaurant on Tuesday night. The 'Love Actually' star was dining with a male friend at a center table in the exclusive Waverly Inn, where the 'Men in Black' star was also enjoying a meal. A source told the New York Daily News newspaper: "Emma and her friend pulled out their cigarettes and just lit up at the table while everyone was eating."Everyone else was glaring at them in disgust, including Will Smith."Smoking in New York bars and restaurants was banned in 2003. Emma, who lives in London, could soon also feel the wrath of diners in the UK capital. Smoking will be banned in all public places across England from July 1. Emma, 48, is married to her 'Sense and Sensibility' co-star Greg Wise with who she has a seven-year-old daughter, Gaia Romilly.