David Beckham has money to burn !

David Beckham has become an art collector.The football superstar has developed a love for expensive art, and is now receiving advice on how to extend his collection from top-selling artist Sacha Jafri. Sacha said: "He's really getting into the art world. He's taking it really seriously and he hopes to amass a valuable private collection."David, 32, became friends with 30-year-old Oxford University graduate Sacha after asking him to produce a painting for a charity auction in aid of his football academy.The artist - whose work sells for up to $200,000 a piece and is appreciated by many wealthy collectors, including Microsoft tycoon Bill Gates - is now advising David on what creations to spend his cash on. David recently splashed out $500.000 on a painting by controversial British artist Damien Hirst for wife Victoria's birthday.The couple, who are moving to Los Angeles later this year, are already looking at what paintings they can adorn their new home with.