Britney Spears needs a long vacation !

BRITNEY SPEARS served up another lip-synched four-song show last night as her bizarre California comeback tour stopped in Anaheim.The House of Blues show was a carbon copy of her concert in San Diego on Tuesday night - no new songs and just Spears and her four dancers as The M+M’s onstage.The pop star donned a pink bra, wig, skirt, fishnet stockings and boots to kick off the show with (Hit Me) Baby One More Time and changed her outfit once adding a fur bolero jacket later in the 20 minute show.Unlike her San Diego show the night before, Spears was supported by Latino R+B star Frankie J. She performed hits Crazy, Do Something and Toxic before dashing off the stage just before 10pm. One fan who secured a ticket to the show says, "There were queues of people stretching all the way through Downtown Disney, where the House of Blues is located."The venue was absolutely packed and, despite the short set and the fact that Britney lip-synched her way through every song, the fans loved every minute." Spears is scheduled to perform at the House of Blues in Los Angeles tonight and at the House of Blues in Las Vegas on Sunday


Anonymous said…
she is a total loser.
she should go back to feeding chickens and being pregnant ALL THE TIME!

James Edstrom said…
Lol....Thanks for the comment.