Britney Spears with Larry Randolph
Britney Spears reportedly fired her manager on Friday .The 'Toxic' singer - who only rehired Larry Rudolph after filing for divorce from Kevin Federline in November - allegedly blames him for her recent career mistakes and blunders, according to the New York Post newspaper. The 25-year-old mother-of-two is said to have been suffering from postpartum depression and her heavy partying sparked a mini-breakdown - culminating in her shaving her head before agreeing to enter rehab. It was Rudolph who allegedly introduced Britney to socialite Paris Hilton and encouraged them to party together. Britney could face legal repercussions if she has fired Rudolph as she reportedly signed a lengthy deal with him after rehiring him to help with her pop comeback. Britney recently rehired PR guru Leslie Sloane Zelnik - who also represents Lindsay Lohan - to help restore her battered image.The 'Toxic' singer has been busy working on her comeback album since leaving Malibu's Promises centre last month. She has been in and out of recording studios and been attending regular dance classes.