Kate Moss will pose as a real-life mannequin when she launches her new clothing range. Kate will model her new line in the shop window of Topshop's flagship London store on May 1, the day her range hits the rails. A source told Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper: "Kate plans to pose as a mannequin. Her biggest problem will be not laughing. When the red curtain is drawn back and Kate has been seen in some of her items, the doors will open and the outfits will officially go on sale."Kate recently admitted she is not easy to work with.The 33-year-old beauty, who received a reported $6 million from the highstreet chain, revealed she is a perfectionist and always speaks her mind. She said: "Topshop haven't said no to anything I wanted to do. I've said,'This isn't good enough', or 'This fabric doesn't feel right, it's too stiff', or 'This leather is too shiny, it needs to be more matt' and they have done it."Kate - who admits she isn't a natural fashion designer - agreed to work withTopshop because she was fed up of people copying her style. She said: "I can't sketch and I can't make clothes. I think they kind ofcopy me sometimes. I mean, I'm sure they do it with a lot of people, but I do notice with me, they do it so quickly and they do it so well. So I said,'I could give you my stamp, and you could get It direct.' I can't wait to see people wearing it."
Note: Who would copy Kate Moss's style ? She always looks a mess !


MBZEES said…
she always looks a mess. obviously you must be some fashion maven to make a statement like that, kate moss is a fashion icon, hello!!!!! look at the runways looki in magazines and look in ur closet buddy she's everywhere and has influenced even designers at walmart, so correction, maybe ur the one who looks a mess, cuz kate never does
James Edstrom said…
Did you even read my last line of the story ?
Anonymous said…
I agree with you.....she is jus an icon as her boy friend..
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