Haley Scarnato leaves American Idol

This year’s “American Idol” gets closer to an end, but another contestant, Haley Scarnato, got voted off the show while Sanjaya Malakar continues to rock and roll into the hearts of America. Failing to impress the judges with her performance of disco classic “Turn the Beat Around,” the 24-year-old from San Antonio left the show saying "My life changed and it truly was a blessing and I'm very thankful." She vows to continue her career is is very happy with the chance she was given on American Idol. "The bad comments are hard, but it helps to know there are people out there who like me and support me," Scarnato added. "I'm hoping for anything to come my way. This has been a great experience with great exposure and I'm up for anything. I would love to get a record deal, it would be a dream come true," she said. In this performance, it wasn’t just the singing that was criticized by the jury, Scarnato’s outfits, which include sexy low-cut tops to short-shorts, were picked on as well. Simon Cowell implied Scarnato tried to take advantage of her looks to stay in the competition. (even know Sanjaya looks better) "I think you have a very good tactic at the moment, Haley: Wear the least amount of clothes as possible," Cowell said of her performance. Scarnato reportedly didn't speak to Cowell following her exit on Wednesday night. "I didn't go shorter. I didn't wear less clothes," Scarnato said. "... I never changed my look from Hollywood week [when] I showed my midriff a bit." She claimed in an interview she was trying to stay true to her roots: "I just tried to do the best I could do, and that was that," she said. "It hurts of course; its just legs. It's frustrating because I'm trying to perform and it was a singing competition and I thought they weren't listening to me anymore. You can't please everybody," she said in a press conference the day after her elimination. She also defended her choice to wear her skimpy outfits. "It's fun dressing up and playing the part of the theme week, and the song you are singing. With Latin week it's more of a sexier vibe," says Scarnato. "I don't think I wore less clothes than before. I think I stayed true to who I am." Post performance, Cowell commented: "You naughty little thing." Scarnato quipped she would have tried a new look on the show's upcoming country-music night. "If I was going to be here next week, I was going to wear a choir robe," Scarnato said. However, let’s not forget about Sanjaya Malakar, this season’s man of mystery who successfully managed to escape elimination, moreover, he wasn’t even voted among the bottom three. According to TMZ.com, former Idol contestant, Paris Bennett said she hopes Sanjaya will win, calling the contest a joke. "We want to see Sanjaya win because it'll kind of prove that 'American Idol' is kind of losing its taste," says Bennett, "it kinda isn't going for talent anymore and more for popularity."