Gender bender Marilyn Manson with Dita Von Teese

Marilyn Manson's ex-wife Dita Von Teese has revealed she filed for divorce from the shock rocker when an "inappropriate relationship" with another woman became too much for her to handle. The burlesque dancer refuses to mention any names but Manson's relationship with actress Evan Rachel Wood has been linked to his split from his wife. Von Teese tells Britain's Sunday Telegraph, "I get the impression he thinks I was unsupportive. But the truth is I wasn't supportive of his lifestyle, and someone else came along who was." Von Teese filed for divorce in December, a year after she and Manson, 38, wed in Ireland. She adds, "Everything went downhill after we got married. I started working a lot to escape my home life. "I left with nothing. I knew that there was an inappropriate relationship going on ... and I didn't want any part of it around to remind me. I didn't want that sofa. I didn't want that bed."


Anonymous said…
gender bender? hardly
cant you come up with a better rhyme.
i have alot of respect for manson. so what he isnt like every orange red carpet camera whore?
he has brilliant lyrics and a beutiful state of mind.
to be quite honest, manson probably has more talent and ijndividuality in his little toe than you have in general.
you shouldnt take the piss out of somebody like that.
makes you look shallow and arrogant.
Anonymous said…
eh, manson is lame. he may be moderately intelligent, but that doesn't mean he's not a pathetic 40 year old man dating a chick who looks 12.