Cocaine Kate Moss and Injector Pete Doherty

Kate Moss and Pete Doherty have been keeping a video diary of their private lives.The supermodel and her Babyshambles star boyfriend have been secretly filming themselves and plan to turn the footage into a documentary.In one three-minute clip that has appeared on the Internet, Kate is seen wearing only a pair of panties under a see-through dress while Pete strums a guitar. After inhaling a cigarette, Kate shouts at Pete: "Rot in jail you c***. Rot,rot, rot, rot, rot, rot."She then says: "We are no Sonny and Cher."Pete can be heard serenading his love with a song about an oak tree. Kate responds by shouting: "What oak tree? You are a liar, and a fantasist."Kate and Pete have reportedly filmed footage of themselves at home, on nights out in London and in a helicopter they hired for Pete's birthday.


Anonymous said…
Oh My God!!!!
Does any one has this Video!!!
So people have you heard about Pete's New unauthorised documentary DVD,
it's great. i got it from