Katie Holmes And Cheap Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise has told wife Katie Holmes to curb her shopping sprees.The actor is said to be alarmed that Katie is spending a fortune in Los Angeles stores Barneys, Horn and Bonpoint, and has urged her to stop being so "frivolous". A source told Britain's Grazia magazine: "Katie looks like she has been moping about having to curtail her shopping sprees. She said Tom wants her to take a break as he thinks it might be sending out the wrong message."He certainly doesn't have to worry about money and Katie is not on a budget - it seems he just doesn't want people thinking she is frivolous and all about shopping and money."Katie, 28, was reported to have spent a staggering $200,000 at Beverly Hills' department store Barneys during a recent visit. She was seen visiting the store with good friend Victoria Beckham, the wife of millionaire soccer star David, and treated the former Spice Girl to two pairs of $500 shoes. A few days later, Katie was photographed carrying five bags of baby clothes for her and Tom's 11-month-old daughter Suri. Earlier this month, it was revealed Tom has insisted on accompanying Katie to the set of her new movie 'Mad Money' in Louisiana


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