Former Happy Couple Kevin Federline And Britney Spears

Kevin Federline has no plans to rebuild his marriage to Britney Spears.The 29-year-old is lending the troubled star his support while she is undergoing treatment at Malibu's Promises centre but despite family hopes they will get back together, Kevin is not interested. A source told Us Weekly magazine: "I talked to Kevin about Britney and he said he's not getting back together with Britney. At least not right now. He just wants to be a friend for her. She has told him she would get back with him, but he's trying to just do the right thing for everyone right now, but he doesn't want to go back there again."Another source claims the couple were close to working out a divorce settlement earlier this year, until Britney's wild partying caused Kevin and his lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, to intervene. Britney has reportedly fallen for RIVA lead guitarist Jason Filyaw after meeting him at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. Meanwhile, letters of support from Britney's fans are being posted on her website . Jordan H writes: "Over the past few months, I've seen you change a lot. Ijust wanted to let you know that I have your back, and I'm supporting you 100 per cent."Hopefully, you'll be back soon to give your fans some music! Because we miss you like crazy, and we love you to death. So, get well soon. Good luck with everything that's been going on in your life. We all love you!"Michaela says: "Kia Kaha (Stand Strong). Best wishes from your fan in New Zealand."And Laura from Kent, Britain, writes: "I hope you are feeling better in yourself, I have been thinking about you and praying for you."You are the best female artist ever, all your fans are missing you and want the best for you. Relax and don't rush yourself, we are here for as long as it takes for you to get better."


Anonymous said…
Poor Brit. Leave her alone.
Anonymous said…
Will this saga ever end. Never ending.
Anonymous said…
I think she will end up with K-Fed again.