Anand Jon At Fashion Show
Fashion designer Anand Jon was charged with multiple counts of rape and sexual assault involving three alleged victims, Los Angeles County prosecutors said.
Jane Robison, a Los Angeles County district attorney's office spokeswoman, said Jon was charged with six felonies and a misdemeanor for the alleged sexual assaults occurring between October 2004 and March 5, The Los Angeles Times said Wednesday. Beverly Hills, Calif., police on March 6 arrested Jon, who is being held in lieu of $1.3 million bail. Immigration and Customs Enforcement placed a hold on the New York-based designer, a superstar in his native India.
Jon's attorney, Ronald Richards, said the allegations were made up by models who thought they weren't getting the work they expected. "(What) is going on here is these girls fly in for model jobs after months of dialogue filled with flirtation, they have sexual interaction and if he doesn't put them in the show ... then some time later they claim they had unwanted sex," Richards said. Prosecutors alleged that in October 2004, Jon raped a woman and that this year he committed lewd acts with a 15-year-old. The investigation began after a third woman reported being raped.


Anonymous said…
what a pig.
Anonymous said…
Karma...he gets what he deserves for taking advantage of all the interns, assistants, models, students, women. For using them for sex, free labor for cleaning his filthy apt,sewing pieces together the nite before a show,...he never paid anyone.That cheap bastard, child molester, womanizing pig. His sister and mother are partners in this crime because they knew exactly what was going on with him and did not do anythign to stop him. Now bcos of these brave girls in LA, the girls he abused all over america and canada are joining forces to make sure that justice is served. I can say all of this, because i was a victim also who did not have the guts to speak up earlier.