Pamela Anderson wanted her new movie to be called "2 Stupid Bitches". The former 'Baywatch' star has just finished filming 'Blond and Blonder' with Denise Richards and thinks the alternative title would suit the comic movie better because of her and Denise's stupid antics. On her personal website, Pammie wrote: "Just finishing 'Blond and Blonder'. I love working with my brother Gerry. He wrote and produced this film. Denise Richards and I had a blast shooting. Nothing fancy! It comes out in May. I prefer the title '2 Stupid Bitches'."Pammie is hoping film fans won't be expecting the film to rival classic comedies like 'Dumb And Dumber' - which starred Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels - because she doesn't think it is as good. She said: "I'd hate for people to try and compare this to 'Dumb and Dumber'. We're not nearly that funny!"In 'Blond and Blonder', Pammie and Denise play stunning blonds Dee and Dawn, who are mistaken for international mob killers.