Saturday, September 30, 2006


Neal Armstrong

The Famous Moon Landing

That's one small word for astronaut Neil Armstrong, one giant revision for grammar sticklers everywhere. An Australian computer programmer says he found the missing "a" from Armstrong's famous first words from the moon in 1969, when the world heard the phrase, "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." The story was reported in Saturday's editions of the Houston Chronicle. Some historians and critics have dogged Armstrong for not saying the more dramatic and grammatically correct, "One small step for a man ..." in the version he transmitted to NASA's Mission Control. Without the missing "a," Armstrong essentially said, "One small step for mankind, one giant leap for mankind."The famous astronaut has maintained he intended to say it properly and believes he did. Thanks to some high-tech sound-editing software, computer programmer Peter Shann Ford might have proved Armstrong right. Ford said he downloaded the audio recording of Armstrong's words from a NASA Web site and analyzed the statement with software that allows disabled people to communicate through computers using their nerve impulses. In a graphical representation of the famous phrase, Ford said he found evidence that the missing "a" was spoken and transmitted to NASA. "I have reviewed the data and Peter Ford's analysis of it, and I find the technology interesting and useful," Armstrong said in a statement. "I also find his conclusion persuasive. Persuasive is the appropriate word.


Dustin Diamond

TMZ has obtained portions of the latest celebrity sex tape, featuring former "Saved by the Bell" star Dustin Diamond, who played Screech. To say the least, the video is unique and, dare we say, entertaining.David Hans Schmidt, who has become famous in the sex tape industry by peddling videos featuring Paris Hilton, Colin Farrell and others, claims ownership to the Screech tape. It was shot in a hotel. Diamond is holding the camera and narrating, as he engages two women in various combinations and positions.The tape begins with Diamond in a bathtub, narrating what's to come. It ends with Diamond introducing one of the women to a "Dirty Sanchez." Suffice it say, it is unbelievably graphic.Schmidt is out shopping the tape and we're told it has been generating significant interest. What's unusual, we're told, is that some mainstream media companies are interesting in purchasing the rights.


Matt Dillon said racism was a problem in the United States, but he admires the way the country struggled to cope with it. Dillon, who played a police officer in the Oscar-winning "Crash" about simmering racial and cultural tensions in Los Angeles, called race-relations "cathartic." "It sounds strange but there's something very healthy, something very cathartic about the way America deals with racism because we have such large groups of people from different ethnic backgrounds," Dillon told reporters Friday, shortly before receiving an honorary award at the San Sebastian International Film Festival. He said, "racism in America is obviously a problem. It's something that we have dealt with for decades." The 42-year-old chimed in on the immigration debate as well, saying he felt some current United States policies contradicted the nation's founding principles. "If we deny other people coming to our country then we're denying everything that America stands for. I feel that way especially with our neighbors in Mexico," he said. "It's complicated. I don't have a solution and I don't pretend to have one." Dillon criticized the current U.S. administration, saying "we've gone backward in many respects," but voiced optimism about the country's future.
Photo By: James Edstrom


Tony Danza

Tony Danza and his wife, Tracy, have separated after 20 years of marriage, according to published reports.Danza, 55, and Tracy, 47, wed in June 1986. They have two daughters: Katherine, 19, a college student, and Emily, 12. Danza also has a son, Marc, 35, an entrepreneur, from his early-'70s marriage to Rhonda Yeoman. Danza, who gained fame as an actor on the sitcoms Taxi and Who's the Boss, most recently hosted The Tony Danza Show, which aired for two seasons before being canceled in May. The show was filmed in Manhattan, so Danza commuted between New York City and Los Angeles, where his family lives. He and Tracy became grandparents for the first time in August 2005 when Marc and his wife Julie welcomed son Nicholas.



Friday, September 29, 2006


George Bush

The Senate unanimously approved $70 billion more for military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan Friday as part of a record Pentagon budget. The bill, now on its way to the White House for President Bush's signature, totals $448 billion. It was passed by a 100-0 vote after minimal debate. Approval by a comfortable margin came despite intense partisan divisions over the course of the Iraq war, which is costing about $8 billion a month. Another infusion of money will be needed next spring. The House-Senate compromise bill provides $378 billion for core Pentagon programs, about a 5 percent increase, though slightly less than President Bush asked for. The $70 billion for Iraq and Afghanistan is a down payment on war costs the White House has estimated will hit $110 billion for the budget year beginning Oct. 1. Congress has now approved $507 billion for Iraq, Afghanistan and heightened security at overseas military bases since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, according to the Congressional Research Service. The war in Iraq has cost $379 billion and the conflict in Afghanistan now totals $97 billion.


Filmmaker Oliver Stone blasted President Bush Thursday, saying he has "set America back 10 years." Stone added that he is "ashamed for my country" over the war in Iraq and the U.S. policies in response to the attacks of Sept. 11. "We have destroyed the world in the name of security," Stone told journalists at the San Sebastian International Film Festival prior to a screening of his latest movie, "World Trade Center." The film tells the true story of the survival and rescue of two policemen who were trapped in the rubble of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, after they went to help people escape. "From Sept. 12 on, the incident (the attacks) was politicized and it has polarized the entire world," said Stone. "It is a shame because it is a waste of energy to see that the entire world five years later is still convulsed in the grip of 9/11. "It's a waste of energy away from things that do matter which is poverty, death, disease, the planet itself and fixing things in our own homes rather than fighting wars with others. Mr. Bush has set America back 10 years, maybe more."


Howard K. Stern And Anna Nicole Smith

Reality TV star Anna Nicole Smith exchanged vows with boyfriend Howard K. Stern on a boat near Nassau, but there was no formal marriage and the ceremony is "not legally binding," her attorney Michael Scott said Friday, days after Smith's 20-year-old son, Daniel, died as he was visiting her in a Nassau hospital, where she had given birth to a baby girl. Stern says he is the father of the baby. The couple "exchanged vows before God" but did not obtain a marriage license, Scott told The Associated Press. "It was not a formal, legal arrangement," Scott said. The 38-year-old former Playboy playmate has been mourning the death of her son. Three days earlier, her daughter was born at the same hospital where he died.


The Harry Potter Cast

Magic Is Everywhere In Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Emma Watson, the actress who plays the feisty and overwhelmingly beloved Hermione Granger in the 'Potter' films, may not be returning for installments six and seven.'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix' is well under way, negotiations have begun to bring back the stars. Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter), Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley), are willing to come back, but Emma Watson recently expressed reservations in an interview with Newsweek. When asked if she'd be renewing her contract, Watson responded, "I don't know yet. Every film is such a huge production, and it's such a long time." She went on to say that while she loves to act, she's not sure that it's the only thing she wants to do. Now 16, Watson recently notched near-perfect scores on her national exams (a pretty big deal over in Britain), so she may have college on her mind. If she were to return for films six and seven, she'd most likely have to postpone her college career until 20. That said, nothing is set in the Sorcerer's Stone yet. Young Emma might very well decide that she loves Hermione too much to abandon her.
Note: We are sure the money will talk !

Thursday, September 28, 2006


Steven Tyler

Steven Tyler says he was diagnosed with hepatitis C three years ago after having the illness for a long time without any symptoms. In an interview that was to air Tuesday on "Access Hollywood," the 58-year-old Aerosmith front man said the infection was now "nonexistent" in his bloodstream after 11 months of treatment, including the drug interferon. "I've been pretty quiet about this," Tyler was quoted as saying. "I've had hepatitis C for a long time, asymptomatic. And I talked to my doctor ... and he said now is the time and it's 11 months of chemotherapy. So I went on that and it about killed me." Hepatitis C is a liver disease spread by contact with the blood of an infected person, according to the Web site for the Centers for Disease Control, which recommends testing for intravenous drug users and transfusion recipients, among others. According to 2004 estimates by the CDC, 3.2 million people have the chronic infection. "It is nonexistent in my bloodstream as we speak, so it's one of those few miracles in doctoring where it's like a complete cure. It's gone," Tyler said.


Jerry Springer fans showed up in force for the audience at 'Dancing With The Stars'

Jerry Springer signs autograph for young fan

Jerry Springer and Kym Johnson have made it through another week on Dancing With The Stars, despite that the ABC voting lines were busy most of the time. The talk show host and partner scored a big 21 out of 30 this week and was once again the phone in favorite. You have to give it to Jerry, he really puts his heart into everything he does weather it's his top rated talk show or signing autographs for a fans. Jerry is a truly nice guy.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin visited Capitol Hill on Tuesday to talk to lawmakers about human trafficking, which he called "horrendous."The 34-year-old Puerto Rican pop star's nonprofit Ricky Martin Foundation aims to prevent the exploitation of children. One of the foundation's programs, People for Children, works toward the elimination of human trafficking, especially trafficking of children.The program was launched when Martin encountered three Indian girls living on the street. Martin thought they were "maybe days away from being sold into prostitution," according to his testimony before the House International Relations Committee.Martin has also served as a goodwill ambassador for the United Nation's children's organization, UNICEF.He is best known to U.S. audiences for his dance hit "Livin' la Vida Loca," and he is considered one of the most successful Latin music crossover acts.


Growing Marijuana

Good Marijuana

The Drug Enforcement Agency said there is a 50 percent increase nationwide in indoor operations in 2005. Way to go! Why this country spends billions on busting innocent pot smokers is beyond me. Growing marijuana indoors has certain advantages: The operations cannot be spotted by an airplane or a hunter, and the plants can be grown year-round. Until now, law enforcement agencies have been more concerned about large-scale outdoor marijuana gardens, which often are planted in public forests or parks by Mexican drug cartels. They use 1,000-watt lights, as well as high-tech hydroponic growing systems. Now the DEA is spending billions to bust the in-house drug growing operations. Just another waste of taxpayer money. I can't tell you how many celebrities I have seen smoke. Everyone smokes. Why they continue to spend billions on busting and jailing POT SMOKERS is insane. This country has not gone forward in 20 years and if anything has gone backwards. Marijuana is also one of the best remedies for side effects from cancer and aids medications and many other medical conditions.The very least, they should make medical Marijuana legal. The average cancer or aids patient can spend 40 dollars a month on a bag of weed to help with all the medications side effects. But because the drug companies spend millions on capital hill to try to keep marijuana illegal, they get to charge $563.00 for a one month supply of Marinol (Pot in pill form) that does not have the same effect as smoking a good old joint. Can't our country get it together once and for all? It's all about the drug companies making money.
Editors Note: Alcohol and cigarettes kill people, Pot does not!


Anna Nicole Smith

A lawyer for Anna Nicole Smith said Tuesday that he was the father of the reality TV star's newborn girl, who has been the couple's one "ray of hope" as they have grieved the death of her 20-year-old son in the Bahamas. Howard K. Stern, who was with the family in the hospital the night that Daniel Smith died, told CNN's "Larry King Live" they had named their daughter Dannie Lynn Hope. "Right now we have to somehow get through what we're going through," he said. "And I'll tell you, our baby is the one ray of hope." Daniel Smith, 20, died Sept. 10 while visiting his mother as she recuperated from giving birth three days earlier. Authorities have said there was no sign of suicide or foul play, and they were awaiting toxicology results to determine the cause of death. "We're still waiting to find out what the cause is," Stern said. "We also now have an indication that there may have been other prescriptive medication in his system. Anna Nicole Smith noticed Daniel wasn't breathing, Stern said. Medical personnel could not revive him, and he and Anna Nicole continued resuscitation efforts even after they were asked to stop. "She stayed there and we were at the foot of the bed and she was hugging Daniel's legs," he said. "And she was praying to Jesus and she was telling Jesus to take her and not take Daniel." Stern said he and Anna Nicole Smith had been living together in the Bahamas, and planned to stay in the island chain long term and marry "at some point." She wanted to get away from the media and to start a new life and give her daughter a chance to live a normal life, said Stern, who described himself as a "proud father." He said there has not been a funeral and declined to describe any burial plans. Cyril Wecht, a pathologist hired by the family to conduct a repeat autopsy, has said Daniel was taking a low dose of the antidepressant Lexapro. Stern said Smith had recently been hospitalized with back pain and depression, and may have had "other prescriptive medication in his system."

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Kym Johnson and Jerry Springer

I wanted to vote for my favorite dancers tonight. I'm sure you all know who they are. I kept getting busy signals, weird recordings and had to dial for a hour to finally get a few votes in. I think if ABC is going to use a phone voting system, they should at least get one that works. Who knows how many votes my candidate lost because people just gave up.
KEEP VOTING ! 1800-868-3411


Lindsay Lohan

Miss. every so nasty Lindsey Lohan told a photographer to f**k off and die the other night. After leaving a Spazmatics show at Dragonfly in Hollywood, Lohan emerged from the club in a foul mood and took it out on a TMZ cameraman. According to TMZ, A rep for Lindsay says the starlet is simply tired of being constantly followed and that's why she lashed out against the photogs.Well Miss. Lohan........You are a class A bitch! You would not be famous if it was not for these hard working photographers and the 100s of writers that give you the publicity you dearly need as you are a no-talent loser. Yes, I remember the night when I caught you and Kate moss in Scores East in NYC wasted and spending more time in and out of the bathroom than at your table. I watched you all night as you emerged out of the ladies room rubbing your noses, and I could have snapped you at anytime, but I was polite and asked you for a picture outside the club when your bodyguard slammed me against the wall. So much for being polite. You are a class A bitch just like your mother who stiffs waiters on $2000.00 bills !


The Car !

Jack Neal briefly became the proud owner of a pink convertible car after he managed to buy it for 9,000 pounds, or $17,000, on the Internet despite being only three years old. Jack's mother told the BBC she had left her password for the eBay auction site in her computer and her son used the "buy it now" option to complete the purchase."Jack's a whiz on the PC and just pressed all the right buttons," Rachel Neal said. The seller of the second-hand car, a dealer from Worcestershire, central England, was amused by the bid and agreed not to force the sale through. "Luckily he saw the funny side and said he would re-advertise," Neal said.


The Earth Is Melting

In about 45 years, temperatures on Earth will be hotter than at anytime during the past one million years, says the U.S. government's top climatologist in a new report released today.According to the report, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the planet is just two degrees shy of an average temperature of 59 degrees Fahrenheit, which is what they believe the temperature was about a million years ago. NASA's James Hansen, along with colleagues from the University of California and Columbia University, are for the first time, marking a calendar signaling the approach of temperatures that humans have never experienced." Humans are now in control of the Earth's climate, for better or worse," Hansen tells ABC News. Based on a "business as usual" scenario in which greenhouse gasses continue to rise unabated, Hansen says we'll break the million-year-old record in about 45 years. But he stresses we can't wait that long to cut greenhouse gas pollution, because of the decades it takes for the climate system to respond to changes."We need to get started now," he says. "We can't wait another decade or two to take this seriously."
Editors Note: Well let's all get into our SUV's and go driving!


Kate Moss And Pete Doherty

On-off couple Pete Doherty and Kate Moss were back together this week, traveling in Ireland where Doherty's band is on tour. Witnesses said the 32-year-old supermodel took the stage Monday night at a nightclub south of Dublin and sang alongside Doherty at the start of Babyshambles' new tour. "They came in the front door and chatted with the fans. Kate got up onstage at a few points and helped sing the chorus of a few songs. They both appeared to be in fine form," said Damien O'Brien, manager of the Music Factory in the town of Carlow, where the show attracted about 680 fans. Doherty, 27, skirted a jail sentence on drug charges earlier this month after a judge in London ordered him to continue rehabilitation. He checked himself out of a drug rehabilitation clinic last week. He pleaded guilty on Aug. 18 to five charges of possessing heroin, cocaine, crack cocaine and cannabis. The charges stemmed from arrests in April and August, in which drugs were found in his vehicle and home and he was found with a crack pipe and a small amount of crack cocaine.....
Editors Note: It's really sad that Kate is all over the world hanging out with druggies while her baby is with whoever!


Tila Tequila And Joe Francis

The founder of the company that produces the "Girls Gone Wild" videos of women appearing in sexual situations pleaded guilty Monday to charges of failing to document the ages of young women engaging in sexual acts in the videos. As part of the plea deal, Joe Francis, 33, agreed to pay a $500,000 fine. A judge will decide whether to accept or reject the deal at a sentencing hearing scheduled for Dec. 18. Outside court, Francis told reporters he thought the chances are "pretty slim" that the judge would reject the deal. "We are thrilled to have this stuff behind us," Francis said. Francis' attorney, Aaron Dyer, said underage girls who had appeared in the videos had lied about their age to the company. Francis' Santa Monica-based company, Mantra Films Inc., pleaded guilty earlier this month in U.S. District Court in Florida on similar charges. According to court papers, Mantra Films admitted to violating record keeping and labeling laws while producing and distributing the videos during all of 2002 and part of 2003. A second company owned by Mantra's founder, MRA Holdings LLC, entered into a deferred agreement on charges of improper labeling. Under that agreement with prosecutors, the charges would be dismissed after three years if MRA Holdings cooperates with future government prosecutions, admits wrongdoing and pays fines. It must also hire an outside company to monitor its records and production facilities to ensure compliance with federal law. Separate state charges in Florida alleging that two 17-year-old girls were videotaped by a "Girls Gone Wild" cameraman in sexual situations remain pending against Francis and Mantra Films. When not running his company, he can be seen hanging with the likes of Lindsey Lohan and Snoop Dog........

Monday, September 25, 2006


The government is partially lifting its ban against carrying liquids and gels onto airliners, instituted after a plot to bomb jets flying into the United States was foiled, officials said Monday. "We now know enough to say that a total ban is no longer needed from a security point of view," said Kip Hawley, head of the Transportation Security Administration, at a news conference at Reagan National Airport. He said that most liquids and gels that air travelers purchase in secure areas of airports will now be allowed on planes. He called the new procedures a "common sense" approach that would maintain a high level of security at airports but ease conditions for passengers. That means that after passengers go through airport security checkpoints, they can purchase liquids at airport stores and take them onto their planes. The new procedures go into effect on Tuesday, Hawley said.

Sunday, September 24, 2006


I just can't believe this story. The Department Of Transportation is spending 400 grand to study downtown parking abuse. Agencies around the city give out place cards which employees put in their window and they pretty much can park anywhere without receiving a ticket....What about the Times Square area as well? Just walk down 43rd street or even right in Times Square. Cops working, just park their private cars anywhere and put the place card in their window and no cop will ticket them no matter where they park. City agencies including the Police Department can only use the place cards when they are on official duty and only when they are using the car for something work related....This is not the case. The Police and even members of the Board of Education all have these cards and use them as free parking anywhere without fear of getting any kind of ticket.New York City has to stop issuing these place cards once and for all. Every couple of years a TV News show or a Newspaper will write a story and the city says they will take care of the problem, and they never do. It's a never ending problem. It's not right for the residents of New York City to pay huge amounts to parking meters and parking garages when employees of city agencies get free parking. They should and can pay for parking or take mass transit to work. Whats even worse, they could care less where they park, even if it creates a traffic mess, they don't get a ticket. It's time the police obey the laws like everyone else!


Neil Young

Neil Young is finally ready to roll out releases from his long-rumored "Archives Performance" series. First up is "Live at the Fillmore East 1970," due Nov. 14 via Reprise. The album features six as-yet-unannounced selections from Crazy Horse's March 6-7 runs at the New York venue, at a time when guitarist Danny Whitten, who died in 1972, was still a member of the band."Fillmore" will also be available in a CD/DVD edition featuring a high-resolution audio mix, photos from the show, Young's handwritten song lyrics and press articles from the era...


Having sworn only last year that his pop days were over, George Michael has started a 47-gig tour called "25 Live," celebrating a quarter of a century in the music business."Well it just goes to show, doesn't it? Never say never," the 43-year-old singer wrote in the tour program."I truly believed that tonight would never happen, that I would never sing these songs to you again. But then I'm a fool."As the lights dimmed on a bare set on Saturday evening, the strains of "Waiting" echoed through the packed San Jordi hall, Michael coyly crooning: "You once said there's a way back for every man ... Is it too late to try again? Here I am!" Controversy is nothing new for Michael, who has won plenty of headlines for sex and drugs as well as for rock and roll.He was arrested in 1998 for engaging in a "lewd act" in a public toilet in Los Angeles, after which he ended years of speculation about his sexuality by announcing that he was gay. This year he was arrested on suspicion of possessing drugs.


Over the past six months, landowners here have been clear-cutting thousands of trees to keep them from becoming homes for the endangered red-cockaded woodpecker. The chain saws started in February, when the federal Fish and Wildlife Service put Boiling Spring Lakes on notice that rapid development threatened to squeeze out the woodpecker.The agency issued a map marking 15 active woodpecker “clusters,” and announced it was working on a new one that could potentially designate whole neighborhoods of this town in southeastern North Carolina as protected habitat, subject to more-stringent building restrictions. Hoping to beat the mapmakers, landowners swarmed City Hall to apply for lot-clearing permits. Treeless land, after all, would not need to be set aside for woodpeckers. Since February, the city has issued 368 logging permits, a vast majority without accompanying building permits.The results can be seen all over town. Along the roadsides, scattered brown bark is all that is left of pine stands. Mayor Joan Kinney has watched with dismay as waterfront lots across from her home on Big Lake have been stripped down to sandy wasteland.“It’s ruined the beauty of our city,” Ms. Kinney said. To stop the rash of cutting, city commissioners have proposed a one-year moratorium on lot-clearing permits. The red-cockaded woodpecker was once abundant in the vast long leaf pine forests that stretched from New Jersey to Florida, but now numbers as few as 15,000. The bird is unusual among North American woodpeckers because it nests exclusively in living trees.



Rosie O'Donnell gave co-star Julian McMahon an eyeful when they were shooting a sex scene for FX Networks' Golden Globe-winning drama "Nip/Tuck." A Whole Lotta Rosie ! O'Donnell told "Access Hollywood" that the director tried to shoot around a tube-top that they made her wear. But the director kept yelling "cut" because a bit of the tube-top could be seen in the shot. So, Rosie fixed the situation by pulling down the top. O'Donnell said McMahon, who plays plastic surgeon Dr. Christian Troy on the show, looked down and told her "nice boobs," adding, "but he was so nice." O'Donnell said she would "love to do that show again and again and again." O'Donnell's episode of "Nip/Tuck" airs Oct. 3. She plays a woman who has just won $381 million in a Powerball lottery and goes to the South Beach plastic surgery practice for her whole family.


Bill Cosby called Friday on each American to contribute $8 to help build a national slavery museum amid the battlefields of the Civil War. Cosby, who already has committed $1 million to the project, joined Richmond Mayor L. Douglas Wilder on Friday in launching a new campaign to raise $100 million toward the Fredericksburg museum's $200 million price tag. "The incentive is that they would join in with the rest of the United States of America in saying yes, as an American, I gave $8 to help build something that tells the story," he said in a teleconference with Wilder.


Don Ho

Don Ho expects to be released from the hospital by the weekend after having a new pacemaker installed. Ho, known for his signature tune "Tiny Bubbles," has been in the hospital since Sept. 13. The pacemaker was installed Saturday."The new pacemaker has two wires instead of one, one going into each chamber of my heart," Ho told the Honolulu Star-Bulletin. "They also put in a kind of balloon deal to keep my heart pumping while they did the operation."In December, the 76-year-old underwent a new heart treatment in Thailand that hasn't been approved in the United States. The procedure involved taking multiplying stem cells from his blood and injecting them into his heart in hopes of strengthening it.There was no indication when Ho would resume his twice-a-week shows at the Ohana Waikiki Beachcomber hotel in Waikiki.Ho said he's considering additional stem-cell treatment if necessary, but that would require traveling internationally.Ho has entertained tourists for more than four decades and hosted the "The Don Ho Show" on ABC in 1976-77. He was featured many times on The Johnny Carson show and Art Linkletter.

Saturday, September 23, 2006


Airport Security

That's right. There are many reasons not to allow security express lanes at airports. First of all, it's not fair. They are saying how someone will pay around $200.00 a year to be able to use this service. They would have to submit to background checks and fingerprinting but then once they pay the money, they could go right through the security express lane while people that didn't pay or couldn't afford the fee would wait on line. This is just not fair to the person that maybe travels once a year or someone that may fly offen, but just can't afford the extra money.When you cut corners you open up possible problems. Maybe a terrorist has been born in this country and has a perfect record and they issue him a speed security pass. Anything can happen and will when you leave a opening.Travel light. You don't need everything. When I travel I bring One small bag and one camera bag. I arrive at airport and I check my clothes bag at the sidewalk and I'm done. I bring my camera bag with me and when I go on security line, I have my pockets empty, my ID ready and my shoes off.Stop carrying all this carry on luggage, The airports should ban this once and for all. People bring several pieces of oversized luggage when they are only allowed 2 pieces, they attach them to a dolly and strap them together like they are only one piece. Then you wait trying to board the plane because they can't fit the luggage into overhead compartments. This is unfair and the airlines should enforce the luggage size rule or better yet, only allow laptops or camera bags or purses, maybe a small overnight bag. I get really tired trying to get off a plane when all these people have all this luggage and I have to wait for some moron to get it all together.>Another thing that should not be allowed that they are considering, is cell phones. I don't want to listen to some loser talking on the phone the whole trip. It's bad enough that I have to hear them on buses, trains and everywhere else!

Friday, September 22, 2006


Saving the Earth was the main agenda item at President Clinton's world-betterment conference yesterday, with Virgin Airlines founder Richard Branson pledging $3 billion to fight global warming and Al Gore warning of a full-scale planetary emergency. Branson, a British business tycoon, said the entire pledge - which would cover 10 years - will come from profits from his airline and train companies, and will be invested in renewable energy development. "Our generation has inherited an incredibly beautiful world from our parents and they from their parents," the laid-back billionaire said at a press conference at the Sheraton New York in Midtown with the former president, kicking off the second day of the Clinton Global Initiative. "We must not be the generation responsible for irreversibly damaging the environment. We must hand it over to our children in as near-pristine a condition as we were lent it from our parents."


The Party Bikes Break Every Law !

It's time to crack down on the Party Bikes and Pedi Cabs that are creating havoc around Times Square!These bikes don't obey the law. First of all the Party Bikes. They ride around Times square day and night and the customers are yelling and screaming as they pass by apartment buildings, and this happens even at 3am. I can't tell you how many times I have been sleeping and the bikes drive by my building with everyone screaming. They go through red lights, they don't obey traffic laws and are a danger to the public. The same goes for the Pedi Cabs. They ignore red lights, they drive on the sidewalks, they ring their bells at all hours and there are more and more on the streets making traffic worse. It's time we regulate them and limit how they operate. I'm waiting for someone to get killed while on one of these bikes, then the city will start to enforce the laws!

Famed Private Eye Vinny Parco Takes A Pedi Cab In Times Square
Photos By: James Edstrom



Most people who see a cockroach go running for the bug spray. But if you're willing to chow down on it, rather than squash it, you'll save some time at one amusement park. For its Halloween Fright Fest, Six Flags St. Louis has come up with a promotion that's not for the squeamish. They call it "Eat Your Way to the Front of the Line." They're not talking about traditional theme park food like hot dogs or ice cream. Instead, you'll have to eat a real cockroach. Those who do will be rewarded by going to the front of the line on any ride they want.


Lou Diamond Phillips was charged Thursday with domestic battery, a misdemeanor, related to an incident in August involving his live-in girlfriend. An argument in the early hours of Aug. 11 escalated into a physical fight, and Phillips' girlfriend "was pushed and dragged across the house, resulting in scrapes to both knees," Los Angeles city attorney Rocky Delgadillo said in a statement. The woman was makeup artist Yvonne Boismier, who called the police from a locked bathroom in the Northridge, Calif., home, Delgadillo said. If convicted, he could face a maximum of one year in jail and a $2,000 fine. His arraignment is scheduled for Oct. 18th.



In Los Angeles Thursday, singer Madonna defended staging a mock crucifixion during her record-breaking "Confessions" world tour, saying it was not "anti-Christian, sacrilegious or blasphemous" -- but a plea for people to help one another. I don't know why every time Madonna goes on tour, she always will do something anti-christian and the media will eat it up. If she wants real publicity, let her do something anti-Jewish. That will really put her on the front pages for months. Or even better, let her make out with a Osama Bin Laden look-a-like. That would really throw everyone into a tiff. Can't Madonna just tour on her talents alone which are endless?


Dunkin Donuts is my kind of place !

Starbucks Corp. said Thursday that it planned to raise prices of its lattes, cappuccinos, drip coffee and other drinks by 5 cents, or an average of 1.9 percent. The increase, which goes into effect Oct. 3 at all company-operated stores in the U.S. and Canada, will mark the first time the company has boosted drink prices in two years.
Starbucks also is increasing the price of its coffee beans by about 50 cents per pound, or an average of 3.9 percent. That's the first price increase for whole beans in nine years, spokeswoman Valerie O'Neil said. I never liked Starbucks. I know lot's of you do......I find the service slow, the prices expensive and the quality nasty. That's right. I find the coffee at Starbucks tastes horrible ! I drink Dunkin Donuts. That's right...... In fact I love Dunkin Donuts. I love their coffee and their donuts and bagels. It's always fresh and the prices are very low and very fair. I will only drink Starbucks when there is nothing around, then I will suffer. In NYC, many times you will find me walking into a event with a Dunkin Donut coffee in hand. Starbucks' pricing varies based on the market, ( another words, we pay a whole lot more in NYC ) but the 5-cent price increase will be across the board. Currently, a tall, or 12-ounce, cup of Starbucks coffee costs between $1.40 and $1.65. Twelve-ounce lattes cost between $2.40 and $3.10, depending on the market, and a tall mocha costs between $2.70 and $3.40.

Thursday, September 21, 2006




Janet Jackson And Justin Timberlake

Janet Jackson has spoken to Oprah about her famous 'wardrobe malfunction'.The incident occurred during the halftime show of the 2004 Super Bowl XXXV111. While the singer was performing 'Rock Your Body' with Justin Timberlake, he tore open Jackson's top and revealed her bare breast.In a statement following the incident Jackson apologized for the incident, saying that a wardrobe malfunction' has occurred. However on an edition of 'The Oprah Winfrey Show', set to be broadcast in the US on September 25, the singer has now said she regretted saying sorry because it made her look guilty for something that was an accident. Jackson also reveals that she had not spoken to Timberlake since the incident, but added: "Loyalty comes first to me."Jackson is due to release her new album '20 Y.O' on Monday.They always come out with this stuff to promote something!


Cameron Diaz filed a police report Wednesday accusing a photographer of assault with a deadly weapon for allegedly driving his car at her, police said. Diaz and her boyfriend, Justin Timberlake, were leaving a friend's home in Hollywood just after midnight Wednesday when a photographer who had been hiding in the bushes jumped out and tried to snap a picture of the pair, said police Officer April Harding. The couple chased the photographer "a short distance," she said. "The photographer got into his car and drove toward Diaz and Timberlake, causing Diaz to jump out of the car's way," Harding said. No one was immediately arrested and no suspects have been identified. "The investigation is in its initial stages," Harding said. A law that took effect this year holds photographers who engage in criminal behavior to get a picture liable for three times the damages they cause, plus loss of any profits the published photo might generate.


Fearless reporter Ashley
Ashley only has time for a snack at her desk !

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


BarBara Luna With Cindy Guyer

Romance Queen Cindy Guyer just opened up a hip, wild fun place on the Upper West Side along with partner Jennifer Klein on New York's famed Columbus avenue. Now the Upper West Side is really not my style, but this place was great and packed to the hill. The assortment of wines and beers was huge. I watched the food come out of the kitchen and the customers went wild. Me, I was on a liquid diet that night, but I had a great time with Cindy and Trek Babe BarBara Luna AKA LUNA! It was funny how after a few minutes, Luna got my most hidden secrets out of me. Maybe it was the great imported beer. You can try this great place out, it's at 286 Columbus avenue at 73rd street.


Rosie O'Donnell is always Kissie

Its beyond me why Rosie O'Donnell is telling Oprah to come out of the closet considering Rosie spent a good time there herself ! After years of people questioning Rosie, she refused to admit she was gay, but here she is insisting that Oprah and her good friend Gayle King come out of the closet. When Rosie came out finally, she thinks she is the expert on all things gay. I think everyone should come out of the closet, it would help a lot of people accept who they are, but since Rosie spent a good amount of time denying it herself for years, I don't think she has the right to be the Gay judge. If Rosie had come out much sooner, theres no telling what good that would have done. Don't get me wrong Rosie....I love you, you are great every time I see you, but I don't think you have earned the right to be the Gay Judge. Where were you when everyone was fighting for gay rights? Where were you for all the Gay protests? The answer is in your closet until we made it safe for you to come out. No risk for Rosie!
Still Love You Babe!


I must say this was one great show. The numbers aren't in yet, but I bet the show had huge ratings. And our own MSNBC'S Rita Cosby was wonderful the way she explained the Andrew Luster case and she showed what a caring friend she really is to the family. I should know, she's been a great friend to me.Calling himself "a prisoner of war in a war against crime," Duane "Dog" Chapman says that, despite his arrest for bounty hunting in Mexico and the prospect of jail time, "I would absolutely do it again." On Tuesday night's A&E special Dog: The Family Speaks Out, Chapman said, "You sit all alone in your cell and you wonder, Is this karma?" and admitted, "My biggest fear is going back to Mexico and doing time." He faces six months to four years in a Mexican prison.He added, "They arrested me the way I would have arrested them … with respect." But, he said, he heard the words he dreaded most: "The Mexican government wants you back."Well I think it's time for everyone to tell our government we will not tolerate one of our most beloved Americans to be deported to Mexico. Demand that your public officials make some kind of deal for Dog and his family. Read Cosby: The Dog is Back - Rita Cosby Specials - for some of the best reporting on this case!


Anna Nicole And Daniel Smith

More than a week after her son mysteriously died beside her hospital bed, Anna Nicole Smith remained out of sight in the Bahamas as officials said only that his death was not a suicide or homicide. With toxicology tests pending, the official cause may not be publicly known before a jury inquest starting Oct. 23. The 38-year-old former reality TV star, who gave birth to a baby girl three days before her son's death, is expected to be summoned. Daniel Smith, 20, died the morning of Sept. 10. By all accounts, he flew into the Bahamas the night before and went directly to the private Nassau Doctors Hospital, where staff saw him tending to his mother and newborn half-sister in the hours before his death. Two autopsies - one by the Bahamas coroner's office, another by celebrity pathologist Cyril Wecht - have ruled out suicide, foul play and several potential natural causes. Both have sought further tests to detect drugs or chemicals. Wecht, who was hired by Anna Nicole Smith to perform a follow-up autopsy, said Daniel had been taking a "quite low" dosage of prescription anti-depression medication. In Touch paid about $400,000 for exclusive print rights of the final pictures taken of Daniel Smith. "It is possible we might be dealing with one of those tragic and cumulative and drug-related deaths where somebody inadvertently takes two or three different kinds of drugs, each of which has a central nervous system effect," he said Monday night on CNN's "Larry King Live."