The Party Bikes Break Every Law !

It's time to crack down on the Party Bikes and Pedi Cabs that are creating havoc around Times Square!These bikes don't obey the law. First of all the Party Bikes. They ride around Times square day and night and the customers are yelling and screaming as they pass by apartment buildings, and this happens even at 3am. I can't tell you how many times I have been sleeping and the bikes drive by my building with everyone screaming. They go through red lights, they don't obey traffic laws and are a danger to the public. The same goes for the Pedi Cabs. They ignore red lights, they drive on the sidewalks, they ring their bells at all hours and there are more and more on the streets making traffic worse. It's time we regulate them and limit how they operate. I'm waiting for someone to get killed while on one of these bikes, then the city will start to enforce the laws!

Famed Private Eye Vinny Parco Takes A Pedi Cab In Times Square
Photos By: James Edstrom