I just can't believe this story. The Department Of Transportation is spending 400 grand to study downtown parking abuse. Agencies around the city give out place cards which employees put in their window and they pretty much can park anywhere without receiving a ticket....What about the Times Square area as well? Just walk down 43rd street or even right in Times Square. Cops working, just park their private cars anywhere and put the place card in their window and no cop will ticket them no matter where they park. City agencies including the Police Department can only use the place cards when they are on official duty and only when they are using the car for something work related....This is not the case. The Police and even members of the Board of Education all have these cards and use them as free parking anywhere without fear of getting any kind of ticket.New York City has to stop issuing these place cards once and for all. Every couple of years a TV News show or a Newspaper will write a story and the city says they will take care of the problem, and they never do. It's a never ending problem. It's not right for the residents of New York City to pay huge amounts to parking meters and parking garages when employees of city agencies get free parking. They should and can pay for parking or take mass transit to work. Whats even worse, they could care less where they park, even if it creates a traffic mess, they don't get a ticket. It's time the police obey the laws like everyone else!