I must say this was one great show. The numbers aren't in yet, but I bet the show had huge ratings. And our own MSNBC'S Rita Cosby was wonderful the way she explained the Andrew Luster case and she showed what a caring friend she really is to the family. I should know, she's been a great friend to me.Calling himself "a prisoner of war in a war against crime," Duane "Dog" Chapman says that, despite his arrest for bounty hunting in Mexico and the prospect of jail time, "I would absolutely do it again." On Tuesday night's A&E special Dog: The Family Speaks Out, Chapman said, "You sit all alone in your cell and you wonder, Is this karma?" and admitted, "My biggest fear is going back to Mexico and doing time." He faces six months to four years in a Mexican prison.He added, "They arrested me the way I would have arrested them … with respect." But, he said, he heard the words he dreaded most: "The Mexican government wants you back."Well I think it's time for everyone to tell our government we will not tolerate one of our most beloved Americans to be deported to Mexico. Demand that your public officials make some kind of deal for Dog and his family. Read Cosby: The Dog is Back - Rita Cosby Specials - for some of the best reporting on this case!