Airport Security

That's right. There are many reasons not to allow security express lanes at airports. First of all, it's not fair. They are saying how someone will pay around $200.00 a year to be able to use this service. They would have to submit to background checks and fingerprinting but then once they pay the money, they could go right through the security express lane while people that didn't pay or couldn't afford the fee would wait on line. This is just not fair to the person that maybe travels once a year or someone that may fly offen, but just can't afford the extra money.When you cut corners you open up possible problems. Maybe a terrorist has been born in this country and has a perfect record and they issue him a speed security pass. Anything can happen and will when you leave a opening.Travel light. You don't need everything. When I travel I bring One small bag and one camera bag. I arrive at airport and I check my clothes bag at the sidewalk and I'm done. I bring my camera bag with me and when I go on security line, I have my pockets empty, my ID ready and my shoes off.Stop carrying all this carry on luggage, The airports should ban this once and for all. People bring several pieces of oversized luggage when they are only allowed 2 pieces, they attach them to a dolly and strap them together like they are only one piece. Then you wait trying to board the plane because they can't fit the luggage into overhead compartments. This is unfair and the airlines should enforce the luggage size rule or better yet, only allow laptops or camera bags or purses, maybe a small overnight bag. I get really tired trying to get off a plane when all these people have all this luggage and I have to wait for some moron to get it all together.>Another thing that should not be allowed that they are considering, is cell phones. I don't want to listen to some loser talking on the phone the whole trip. It's bad enough that I have to hear them on buses, trains and everywhere else!