Ashton Kutcher has banned wife Demi Moore from speaking to flirtatious former president Bill Clinton. Ashton's anger was ignited after a recent dinner party at which Clinton spent the night charming the 43-year-old actress while ignoring her much-younger husband Ashton, 28."Ashton was angry at being treated that way, and it led to the biggest argument between him and Demi since they married a year ago," said an insider. Ashton told Jay Leno he felt like "the invisible man" when he spoke about the incident on his Sept. 28 appearance on the "Tonight Show.""Bill was so engrossed by Demi...I've never met a president before, but he didn't say a word to me the entire evening," said Ashton. "I was like the guy who wasn't there."But what Ashton DOESN'T know is that this isn't the first time the skirt-chasing ex-prez put the moves on Demi! In 2002, The ENQUIRER exclusively revealed that the two spent a sexy night together laughing and flirting at Hollywood's trendy Ago restaurant."During the evening there were a few times that Bill affectionately rubbed Demi's back as they were talking," a source said at the time. "She didn't back away — she smiled warmly at him as he touched her."But Demi defended herself when Ashton confronted her about the most recent incident, telling him there was "nothing she could have done to have changed the situation without being rude." The ENQUIRER has also learned Ashton wasn't the only angry spouse that evening. Sen. Hillary Clinton was infuriated by her hubby's amorous behavior — especially since she believes another family scandal could hurt her chances of winning if she decides to run for the presidency.