Lindsay Lohan

Miss. every so nasty Lindsey Lohan told a photographer to f**k off and die the other night. After leaving a Spazmatics show at Dragonfly in Hollywood, Lohan emerged from the club in a foul mood and took it out on a TMZ cameraman. According to TMZ, A rep for Lindsay says the starlet is simply tired of being constantly followed and that's why she lashed out against the photogs.Well Miss. Lohan........You are a class A bitch! You would not be famous if it was not for these hard working photographers and the 100s of writers that give you the publicity you dearly need as you are a no-talent loser. Yes, I remember the night when I caught you and Kate moss in Scores East in NYC wasted and spending more time in and out of the bathroom than at your table. I watched you all night as you emerged out of the ladies room rubbing your noses, and I could have snapped you at anytime, but I was polite and asked you for a picture outside the club when your bodyguard slammed me against the wall. So much for being polite. You are a class A bitch just like your mother who stiffs waiters on $2000.00 bills !


monalisamouse said…
Atta boy James. You go. Tell it like it is!
Anonymous said…
Well, like it is. But don't forget to use caps for proper names in the process, if you are gonna be picky about others.