Mancow Eric Muller and Geraldo Rivera

Geraldo is back, this time in syndication with his show "Geraldo At Large" . The award winning FOX newsman digs into the hottest stories of the day and sometimes the greatest stories of yesterday. I really liked the segment from years ago when Geraldo smoked a joint and he admitted he inhaled. I've known Geraldo for over 20 years and he really is a nice guy. We had dinner a while back with his lovely wife Erica. I told them some wild things. While others looked at me in shock, and couldn't wait to sliver under the table, Geraldo just looked at me and said, "Gee I didn't know that, who would know". He's seen it all. Recently my friend and radio shock jock (He hates being called this) Mancow Eric Muller, was a guest and after the show we all went to Langans for some pints of beer and many laughs. So tune into Geraldo Monday-Friday on Fox 5 in NYC at 6:30pm, check your local listings elsewhere.
(Photo: James Edstrom)