Miamica Inner Beauty Cosmetic Case

Packing for weekends in the Hamptons can be a hassle. Racing for the Jitney can be stressful, especially if you are unorganized or not traveling light. Finding the perfect bags in which to organize clothes, cosmetics, jewelry and accessories can help ensure a fun weekend getaway and help you get noticed. Travel accessories company Miamica allows travelers to organize their bags in a way that makes summer traveling more enjoyable. Designer Devra Miller gives us her recommendations in three easy steps of traveling. Visit Miamica's website to order these great Hamptons summer products.

Step 1: Packing

“Inner Beauty Cosmetic Case”

$20—for small, shown, available at miamica

Organize all of your makeup in one place with Miamica’s “Inner Beauty 2-in-1 cosmetic case”. The compact case features clear, removable components that make packing easy and efficient.

“Take a Chill Pill” Pill Case

Miamica 'Take A Chill' Pill Case

$15, available at miamica

Packing all of your pill bottles into your luggage takes up too much room. Condense all of your pills and vitamins into one container with Miamica’s “Take a Chill Pill” case. Everyone in your timeshare will be envious when you unpack your bag and they see your fashionable but convenient case.

Step 2: Traveling

“Upgrade Me! Travel Blanket”

Miamica Travel Pillow Blanket

$30, available at miamica

Those long hours in the car ride to the Hamptons with the cold AC can be uncomfortable. This plush travel pillow unzips to become a luxe travel blanket with a foot pocket! Bonus, there’s an extra zipper pocket once the blanket is folded out that can hold tech gadgets, readers, etc. while you are traveling and need an extra hand. The Snap feature on the strap lets you attach the blanket to the outside of your weekender so no precious space is wasted inside. Genius!

“Upgrade Me! Travel Tote”

$14.99, available at miamica

The “Upgrade Me! Travel Tote” is the best way to carry your stuff to and from the Hamptons. With an outside pocket to hold magazines, books, electronics and everything needed when traveling; this tote makes an ideal travel companion. The quirky luggage tag is sure to make you laugh and make sure everybody knows it is your tote bag!

Step 3: Relaxation

“Bathing Suit Bag & Lotion Set”

Miamica Bathing Suit Bag

$30, available at miamica

This two-piece set has multiple compartments that separate your wet (or dry) swimsuit and suntan lotions from the rest of your beach bag. Now you’ll never have to worry about the inside of your beach bag and those precious magazines getting wet, sandy or covered in greasy lotion. Problem solved!

“Gotta Run! Sneaker Bag”

$20, available miamica

Getting out of the room to get a run can help you relax and let off stress. Bonus points if you get to run on the beach! Miamica’s “Gotta Run! Sneaker Bag” gives you the perfect place to store your tennis shoes when you’re not on the go.