Thursday, July 12, 2012


 Jerry Springer

BRETT WINTERBLE, on Sirius/XM (Sirius/XM-channel 168) scooped the East Coast Monday (and, even ABC’s The View) when he had on attorney Jose Baez (Casey Anthony) and unearthed several key points from the book. First, that he and his pregnant wife checked into the hospital under assumed names as his wife gave birth and, that his house accidentally went into foreclosure, because he was so wrapped up in the Anthony-case. His book, Presumed Guilty is a runaway best-seller.

Winterble, in the last two weeks, has had on a wide-ranging series of guests, including: Karen Lynn Gorney from the film Saturday Night Fever; Bobby-producer Edward Bass; sex-therapist Debra Laino; Carmine Appice, the drummer from the legendary band, Vanilla Fudge; Dr. Taylor Rutledge who produced the documentary about DDT called 3 Billion and Counting; Director Tanya Wexler, who’s new film Hysteria stars Maggie Gyllenhaal and Hugh Dancy; Monkee-Micky Dolenz; Surpreme-Mary Wilson; music newcomer Adrian Niles; Gene Cornish, from The Rascals; Soprano-actor Robert Funaro; Harry Haun from Playbill; music man Kal Rudman; and, yesterday Times Square Gossip’s own James Edstrom, where the topic of Jerry Springer was discussed. Says Brett, “Jerry Springer is a really versatile voice in the debate. You know where Jerry stands, politically, but, even though you might disagree with him, he always remains civil. It'd be hard to picture Jerry throwing f-bombs at people he disagrees with. I think being around lesbian strippers and doing paternity tests with state prison inmates has a softening effect on you as a host! Radio is more fun when people come at it in a less than rigid way. Springer is a lot of things, Rigid, ain't one of them!"

Though Winterble is a fierce politico - listen to some of his podcasts, he's thoroughly engaging when talking to entrainment personalities. "I would like my show to be ...thought of as a place that is comprised of an ongoing conversation with topics that cross hours, days, even weeks. An ongoing conversation of entertainment and politics with a dose of sarcasm and tongue in cheek humor."

Next week, the host will talk to legendary-comedian Pat Cooper; TV’s Joe Franklin; adult-film legend Houston; Randy Jones from The Village People; Toronto-based writer Jacqueline Boyd; and, Daily Variety TV-editor Brian Lowry.

The Winterble has landed!

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