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Monday, November 18, 2013




Scandal: A Manual

RUSH & MOLLOY’S SCANDAL --- Being in the ink-stained wretch business, I knew I was going to love George Rush and Joanna Malloy’s new tome, Scandal: A Manual, but I am truly loving it; not so much for their celebrity-stories (Kirstie Alley, Sylvester Stallone, Don Johnson and Jack Nicholson), but for the memories and references to such legendary newspaper characters like Steve Dunleavy; Richard Johnson; Richard Gooding; Cindy Adams; Liz Smith; Lou Colasuonno; and the dean of them all, Neal Travis. I mean, if you do a job like this, these names are like royalty. The stories are great, but the behind-the-scenes moments are priceless. Their classic Rush & Molloy column in the New York Daily News was required reading … right along with Johnson’s Page Six.

I met Joanna years ago and through her, met George, who has always impressed me as a writer out of the Dorothy Parker-era. Classy, reserved and, remarkably funny. It’s a classic book for sure … required reading. I loved Joanna’s machinations amidst the Woody Allen/Soon-Yi Previn scandal and George’s own dance with Motown-founder Berry Gordy.

Johnson left Page Six a while back and it really has never returned to what he made it; although Johnson has recently returned to the Post penning a Neal Travis-like column. The News, on the other hand, he re-christened their gossip sheet (in what must be like the 7th time) as NY Confidential and though they've gotten some legitimate stories, it’s a pale, pale link to what Rush & Malloy were. I guess the one constant in gossip is change.

Sirius XM's Brett Winterble talks to George tonight on his show.

 HOMELAND --- What was missing the most from Showtime’s Homeland this season, returned in the closing minutes of last night’s “Little Red Wagon” episode …. Damien Lewis. Mandy Patinkin’s character, after carefully orchestrating the possible coup of his career suddenly went under the radar and materialized where Brody has been held all this season. It posits several questions: How did Patinkin know he was there and for how long; did he ever truly believe Lewis was responsible for the mass bombing that ended season two; and, what plan does he have in mind for him. No doubt about it, this has been Patinkin’s season and he’s been truly brilliant. Many have believed that since the show began, he’s been the mole. Really, quite a superlative episode; certainly the best of a season that struggled somewhat. The last few episodes should be dazzling.

LADY GAGA --- I thought she did a tremendous job hosting this weekend’s Saturday Night Live; in fact, it garnered the show’s highest ratings since March.

Opening with a jazzed-up version of her current hit, “Applause,” she showed off her voice to great effect and it was a great arrangement of the song; mixed in with a bit of "New York, New York." There’s no question that she was in on the whole Gaga-joke and her appearance really displayed a great side of her personality; a side that’s often gotten lost. One reviewer called it her New York-theater side, rather than her art-school/shock persona. I couldn't agree more.

She also performed “Gypsy,” from her new album, which was most excellent. I noted many similarities to any of the classic Springsteen-anthems and felt that the late, great Clarence Clemmons’sax would have fit so perfectly in this. She’s got a real voice and can write songs; something so missed in today’s music scene. She came on the scene with such a fervor, that many missed the point; she’s a real talent.

CLOSING NOTES --- After a tremendous start last year: Mark Bego’s excellent edited-magazine on the 50th Anniversary of The Supremes – and, a healthy dose of Mary Wilson to boot – the company that issued it, Event Bookazines, has possibly shuttered. We haven't gotten any official word, but communication has gone silent. Publisher Tony Seidl, who invented the instant book years ago; with this company, basically invented the instant magazine. I know for a fact they had several new magazines in the pipeline. We're keeping our fingers crossed. They were a great addition to the media-scene.

LITTLE RASCALS-- The Rascals were absolutely brilliant opening The Views’ birthday episode for Whoopi Goldberg last week. Boy, did they sound like heaven! I totally missed their run on Broadway, but kept hearing raves left and right. I had occasion to sit with co-producer Maureen Van Zandt last week and she told me the production would be returning to Broadway in mid-September. Believe me: I will be there opening night. Maureen’s a visionary talent in her own right and I can't wait to see her talent explode in the production of the show, Once Upon A Dream. She’s been a key player in many projects, some with her husband Steve. A true talent for sure.

ANTI ALEC-- I've almost reached my tipping point with Alec Baldwin. I've loved him for years, possibly most in The Departed, and on many David Letterman appearances but, the man does have anger issues. In his so-called stalking trial last week; who the hell knows what really happened, but I'll say the alleged stalker’s attitude in court didn't really help her. She was sentenced to a contempt charge and 210 days in jail. I wonder if there’s a book in her future. And, post-trial Baldwin’s been systematically picking off photographers and journalists near his Village home. MSNBC pulled his talk-show for two weeks in response to a alleged homophobic rant he shouted at one photographer. Look, I'm quite sure what he’s been going through is the worst, but Alec, get a grip. You are killing what’s left of your career and your reputation. I predict MSNBC will pull the show. I've heard stories like this for years about Alec and, what can I say, karma’s a bitch.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Micky Dolenz

While tub thumping his new album (Live At BB King’s) on XM’s BRETT WINTERBLE the other day, the two got into a conversation over the antics of some of today’s teen-idols … as Micky was one of the first ever, during his early-tenure with The Monkees.

Dolenz said, “The best thing that ever happened to me was that after Circus Boy (his early TV show), my parents took me out of show business, so I didn't have that period of being a has been, and I went back to school, and then 8 years later The Monkees hit. I was studying to be an architect, and, I had show business to fall back on.”

Continues Winterble, “That’s the measure of success, sometimes the parents have got to say no. Sometimes the most liberating word of all is no.”

Thursday, August 08, 2013



By: G.H. Harding

This Town By Mark Leibovich

WINTERBLE HITS THIS TOWN --- XM radio host Brett Winterble interviewed New York Times Magazine chief correspondent Mark Leibovich on his new book This Town; Two Parties and a Funeral plus plenty of Valet Parking! (Blue Rider Press); where Leibovich reflects on Washington and the town it has become. “It’s become a full carnival in recent years; D. C. has become the wealthiest community in the U.S.”

Reflecting on the return of such dubious names as Eliot Spitzer and Anthony Weiner, Liebovich says, “The unemployment line in politics is never really that long; you just knew guys like Spiztzer and Weiner would be back, be it with a blog or book.” 

Winterble offered up a talk radio show option for them, but Leibovich said the "Moral character of talk radio is way too high even for those guys.” Too funny!

MONUMENTS ARE HERE --- Just saw the trailer for the new George Clooney-written and directed movie, The Monuments Men. With an all-star cast, including Daniel Craig; Bill Murray; Matt Damon; Bob Balaban; Cate Blanchett; John Goodman; Jean Dujardin; and, Clooney himself (based on the book by Robert M. Edsel) - and, it certainly sets the stage well for the much anticipated movie. 

The movie concerns a group of soldiers during WWII who are dispatched to the war front to help U.S. forces rescue various art masterpieces, from being plundered by Hitler’s forces.

The trailer at first glance seemed like an odd combination of the Ocean’s 11 movies; with Clooney and Damon sitting at a bar discussing what they were going to do; and, Clooney himself, in a Nazi-uniform with a mustache, reminding me of his character in The Good German.

There is one dynamite line spoken by Clooney in the trailer: "If you destroy an entire generation of people's culture, it's as if they never existed. That's what Hitler wants and it's the one thing we can't allow."

The spectacle of seeing so many marquee names was rather overwhelming too. Talk about being front-loaded.

One thing’s for sure: never, ever count George out! The movie’s out December 18.

TIME WARNER & CBS --- As we go to press, CBS and Time Warner have agreed … to start the negotiation process again; after an almost one-week strike. Seems Time Warner has thrown up in place of CBS, some programming from Starz, which is a pay channel. 

I turned to it twice this week and the movies there I’d had never heard of. Listen closely: it’s the sound of the customer getting shafted again!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013



Elliot Tiber

XM’s Brett Winterble interviews Taking Woodstock author Elliot Tiber tonight (at 10:00 PM PT-channel 166) and got him to reveal for the first time, that a third and final tome on Woodstock, penned by him, will be released in the summer … titled After Woodstock (via Square One Publishing).

Winterble, who called the Woodstock event a “touchstone of our generation,” at one point, asked him what memory remained with him the most from the legendary event in 1969. Tiber replied, “Richie Havens’ performance of ‘Freedom’ – it was what we wanted, we fought for, and though it didn’t happen right away, is finally starting to come true. Don't forget - the event was peace, love and music.”

Tiber also talked about his new book out this week called, Palm Trees On The Hudson, which is about his life in New York and his association with Judy Garland. “I had put together a show for a very famous judge … and, the talent was Garland. She gave me some advice then that I have never forgotten. Meeting one of my idols was amazing indeed.”

Photo Courtesy of: David Salidor


Thursday, February 14, 2013


"My Secret life Inside Scientology And My Harrowing Escape"

Brett Winterble

XM RADIO’s BRETT WINTERBLE intervied JENNA HILL MISCAVIGE; the niece of Scientology-leader DAVID MISCAVIGE, on her thoughts of having left the Church of Scientology in 2008, as portrayed in her new book “My Secret life Inside Scientology And My Harrowing Escape (Morrow).” Winterble asks her about her uncle in her early days, asking what he was like, “He popped up every so often, brought presents, but the people around him were always very afraid of him. I heard stories of him yelling and beating people.”

Winterble also comments that many aspects of Scientology have an almost militaristic-quality to them. “L. Ron Hubbard was in the Navy and so many of his rules went that route.” Jenna met her husband in the Church and left together in 2008. Winterble asked if there had been any retaliation from the church for their exit. “In the beginning we were followed and they met with my husband’s parents to try to convince them we had joined some sort of terrorist group. They finally gave up and stopped.”

Winterble comments on the public’s ongoing fascination with many of Scientology’s celebrity members, like Tom Cruise and John Travolta. “What most people don’t realize is that the celebrity sect of the Church is very different. There’s a beautiful church, secret entrance, but very different. The Church targets celebrities because everyone follows them.”

Photo Courtesy Of: David Salidor 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Kato Kaelin

When the KATO KAELIN revelation came about last week, writer MARC ELIOT who had done a book with Kato around the time of the OJ trial was thrust back into the limelight. In an exclusive interview on tonight’s BRETT WINTERBLE SHOW on Sirius/ XM, he explained to Winterble, “What most people don’t remember is that at the time we collaborated, Kato was trying to start up a career as a comic; trying to develop a routine in fact. The trial made him something of a household name. I knew he liked that and I see these recent revelations as a way to possibly make that happen again.”

Eliot goes on to say, that out of everything he was told by Kato, when he watched his testimony, very little of what he knew was onscreen.

 Photo By: Sara de Boer/Retna

Saturday, August 04, 2012


Mary Wilson

A veteran-PR-mister David Salidor explains it: “When I was first approached about the possibility of being the celebrity-booker for Sirius/XM’s Brett Winterble, “I knew it’d be great fun to get back into that game again and jumped at the opportunity. I love talk-radio, have for years and though it’s a tremendous output of work and coordination, it’s at the edge-of-your seat fun.”

In his first two months on board, Winterble (who’s on 9:00PM each night on Sirius/XM channel 168) has spoken to a wide swath personalities, orchestrated by Salidor ; Casey Anthony attorney Jose Baez; former Mayor Rudy Giuliani; Micky Dolenz; Debbie Gibson; Kate Taylor; and, former Surpeme Mary Wilson. “I'm trying to get a well-rounded series of people, for Brett to speak with; yesterday he had on political satirist Will Durst as well as security-expert David Nance, whose information after Aurora proved very informative and timely. Next week, Peter Asher and Bangle-Susanna Hoffs."

Salidor adds that the Emerson-educated Winterble is a quick study and that more often than not, the name he’s booked get back to him with tremendous words of praise for the chat-host. “From my PR-background, I always encourage my clients, as well as the writers, to follow up with me with their feedback. In Bret’s case, almost all of the guests have gotten back to me with high praise. That’s a great sign. He’s a great interviewer … who pays attention. Interestingly enough, I think his favorite guests so far have been Durst, Taylor and Gene Cornish."

Salidor’s PR-component, the dis COMPANY, continues as well. “There was never any thought to not continue with that; rather what I'm doing now is an adjunct to it. He also manages musician/writer Adrian Niles who opens at B.B. King’s on September 6th for New Riders of The Purple Sage, something Salidor feels will have a great impact on his career. “Adrian had two tracks on F/X’s Justified this spring, so there was a 50% increase in his awareness within the industry; this gig will do another 50%.”

Salidor looks to expand his booking stint to other stations. “In light of downsizing at various stations, I feel I can come in and really give them a leg-up in regard to booking key personalities. We’d be very interested in exploring these situations.”

“With Brett, I'm now on the other side of talent; buying it, rather than selling it. It’s terrific and I applaud his producers, Brandon Damore and Rod West who made this happen. I'm having a terrific and very productive time.”

Photo By: Sara De Boer/Retna


Thursday, July 12, 2012


 Jerry Springer

BRETT WINTERBLE, on Sirius/XM (Sirius/XM-channel 168) scooped the East Coast Monday (and, even ABC’s The View) when he had on attorney Jose Baez (Casey Anthony) and unearthed several key points from the book. First, that he and his pregnant wife checked into the hospital under assumed names as his wife gave birth and, that his house accidentally went into foreclosure, because he was so wrapped up in the Anthony-case. His book, Presumed Guilty is a runaway best-seller.

Winterble, in the last two weeks, has had on a wide-ranging series of guests, including: Karen Lynn Gorney from the film Saturday Night Fever; Bobby-producer Edward Bass; sex-therapist Debra Laino; Carmine Appice, the drummer from the legendary band, Vanilla Fudge; Dr. Taylor Rutledge who produced the documentary about DDT called 3 Billion and Counting; Director Tanya Wexler, who’s new film Hysteria stars Maggie Gyllenhaal and Hugh Dancy; Monkee-Micky Dolenz; Surpreme-Mary Wilson; music newcomer Adrian Niles; Gene Cornish, from The Rascals; Soprano-actor Robert Funaro; Harry Haun from Playbill; music man Kal Rudman; and, yesterday Times Square Gossip’s own James Edstrom, where the topic of Jerry Springer was discussed. Says Brett, “Jerry Springer is a really versatile voice in the debate. You know where Jerry stands, politically, but, even though you might disagree with him, he always remains civil. It'd be hard to picture Jerry throwing f-bombs at people he disagrees with. I think being around lesbian strippers and doing paternity tests with state prison inmates has a softening effect on you as a host! Radio is more fun when people come at it in a less than rigid way. Springer is a lot of things, Rigid, ain't one of them!"

Though Winterble is a fierce politico - listen to some of his podcasts, he's thoroughly engaging when talking to entrainment personalities. "I would like my show to be ...thought of as a place that is comprised of an ongoing conversation with topics that cross hours, days, even weeks. An ongoing conversation of entertainment and politics with a dose of sarcasm and tongue in cheek humor."

Next week, the host will talk to legendary-comedian Pat Cooper; TV’s Joe Franklin; adult-film legend Houston; Randy Jones from The Village People; Toronto-based writer Jacqueline Boyd; and, Daily Variety TV-editor Brian Lowry.

The Winterble has landed!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012



Brett Winterble

There’s a new voice in town … Sirius/XM’s BRETT WINTERBLE 

Radio shows and hosts come and go; there’s no discernable difference sometimes, unless you're dealing with the likes of a Howard Stern, Jerry Springer, Rush Limbaugh, Wolfman Jack or Scott Shannon … that ignite the masses. There’s a mid-year addition to the map that so far has drawn serious contention from the public and industry alike … BRETT WINTERBLE. He is the radio host, producer and writer for his own Sirius/XM show; a three-hour program which airs daily. It’s on XM 168, Monday-Friday at 9:00PM EST. He also serves as the executive producer of the Roger Hedgecock Show; and, on occasion as the fill-in host there. Winterble has worked as a producer on the Rush Limbaugh Radio Show where he was active in parody creation and phone screened for the show. Winterble was with Rush's daily show from 2000–2006, when he joined the Michael Reagan Show in Los Angeles. Says Winterble, “Growing up, my radio influences were Howard Sterm, Larry King, Sally Jesse Raphael, Larry Glick and the 80’s radio show, Metal Shop.”

While his Sirius show has jumped on the political bandwagon with a fiery fervor, last week, Winterble and his producer Brandon Damore, began interviewing more entertainment personalities. “My personal guest list would be, The President … any of them! The Pope, Mark Sanchez and Eli Manning, to find out if they kind of hate Tebow-mania … and, Robert Plant who is sort of like the Quarterback of Led Zeppelin … and, a rock ‘n roll statesman.”

Brett also interviewed Sarah Tressler, the woman who has been in the news for the past several months. She is the former Houston Chronicle society writer who was fired for being an exotic dancer on the side. Her book, Diary of An Angry Stripper, comes out later this summer. Adds Brett, “I would like my show to be thought of as a place that is comprised of an ongoing conversation with topics that cross hours, days, even weeks. An ongoing conversation of entertainment and politics with a dose of sarcasm ands tongue in cheek humor.”