Bronx Zoo New York City

It's been a really stressful week. Between looking for a new apartment in New York City, to dealing with corrupt city officials, who I caught in the act of fraud and expected me to go along with it. I will have more on both these things soon.


I have decided I am just working too hard. I rarely leave my apartment, except to get food or if a important photo shoot comes up. I sit here day and night on these computers, writing and editing photos and I am just really tired.

I have decided that I must take one day a week off to have some fun for myself and my kid. There is so much to see in New York City, and since the kid wants to go to the Bronx Zoo, as he has never been there, I bought a membership.

The membership included the Bronx Zoo, Central Park Zoo, New York Aquarium, Prospect Park Zoo, and the Queens Zoo. It costs $164.00 for the family premium package. It looks great, we spent hours last night looking at the videos on their sites and I think we will have a blast. There are also smaller packages, but I bought the best, so I could bring my kid and friends. It makes sense, as one ticket is $29.95 for everything and thats only for one time. The membership is good every day of the year. 

If you would like a Bronx Zoo WCS membership, visit their website HERE....


As most of you have noticed, we have made some little changes and some big changes. Since Times Square Gossip went over 7 million readers, we are raising the bar on quality even more. 

Maybe I am anal retentive. I am just not satisfied with a lot of materiel I get from these publicity people and I am always demanding better. Some publicists understand and some get downright mean. I feel that Times Square Gossip is one of the nicest looking sites on the Internet. I work very hard making it this way and I only want to deal with the best of the best. We have some of the best photos in the world and some of the most talented photographers. 

Times Square Gossip is turning 6 years old this summer. If you look at the early stories on our site, we were really in-experienced. In fact almost everyone on the Internet was then. Software has changed, designing has changed and now Times Square Gossip looks like a high end glossy magazine. I am never satisfied and feel that we can always do better. Let us know what you think, e-mail us at .


We are still working on implementing new ads on Times Square Gossip. We are putting a whole new system in place to match the ads with the story. This is a work in progress. You may see some blank ad space from time to time, as we are still working on all the programming. But even if you do, our pages still look great. We work hard to make sure they do!


Even after the stories I have done on Publicists stealing photos from agencies and photographers, they continue to slam us with stolen material. Some of these publicists work for the biggest stars and the biggest companies, yet they feel they do not have to purchase photos from the hard working photographers who takes them, and they feel it's their right to steal them. I am really getting fed up with these people. Even after I e-mail them asking them if they own the rights, and they tell us no, they still slam us with stolen photos.

One publicist, even after e-mail after e-mail, continued to send stolen photos to us and all the other media outlets. After several times asking this publicist to take us off their mailing lists, since they could not abstain from stealing photos, they just continued to slam us. This woman publicist finally stopped after I told her I would call Page Six at the New York Post and tell them she was stealing photos. I am sure she is still sending them out to other media outlets. 

If you are a publicist, and you have a great story, we want to see it. But please send us photos that you bought or own the rights too. Our submission guidelines are HERE. We want to run interesting stuff, but it has to be our way, not your way. If you follow our guidelines, and your story and photos are interesting, odds are we will run it.