James Edstrom Of Times Square Gossip

We love to get great stories from publicists, celebrities and other media outlets. Anything is fair game, as long as the following guidelines are followed.


All stories must contain a photo. If you are sending the same story out to everyone else, we are not interested. At least take the time to give us something different. We work very hard making our site interesting and fun to read. In order to make things as easy as possible for us, please insert the story into the E mail and attach high res photos, so we have some room to work. Highlight all links, so we are sure to send them to your site. 


Photos are the most important aspect of Times Square Gossip. When you submit a story, you must attach a high res photo with everyone in the pic labeled. We can not take the time to figure out who everyone is in the photo. All photos must be crisp and clear. If you send us bad photos, than you should have hired us to do the photography and not some loser. We do not run bad pics, no matter how important the person is. 

Do not send us links to these download sites, like YouSendIt. We do not have the time to download from these sites and this is not our job, it is yours as the publicist. We require high res photos that you own the rights too or you have permission from photographer. If we see that you lifted the photo from a photo agency or anywhere else without owning the rights, we will forward your E mail to the agency and not run your story.

The newest fad lately from publicists, is just lifting a photo and sending out to everyone in the media. This is copyright infringement. This is not right. Photographers work very hard taking photos and they deserve to be paid. When you lift a photo and send it to everyone in the media, you are opening media outlets and yourself to lawsuits. You should know better. I can not understand when I ask these publicists if they have permission or own the rights to a certain photo, they tell me no. And they act like we are crazy for asking. If we find you are lifting photos from certain agencies, we will report you. As photographers ourselves, nothing bothers us more.


We sometimes do stories on a great product. If you have a product story, you must send it to us to try.  We are not going to recommend something that is not good. E mail us for our address. 


 We do not mind the occasional story from publicists. But If you have so many stories that you are hitting us up all day and night, we charge for this. It takes time to format every story and to photoshop every photo with keywords and file info. We sell blocks of ten stories a month, and other deals can always be worked out. Times Square Gossip reaches millions of readers and we are the one site that is very celebrity friendly. 


After 30 years of covering events and having every cover of almost every magazine and newspaper, we do not go out for free. There is no money to be made selling photos anymore. In the old days, we made the big bucks from these publications. Now they just do not have the budget as every publication has lost readership to the Internet. The agencies are giving these photos away to the magazines for a small fee every month. So if you want us to cover your event in New York City, E mail us for rates. We also have some very good photographers in Las Vegas and Hollywood that can do any job for you. When we cover a event, you photos will be ready online within hours. We are professionals who know how to take a photo, we are not someone with a camera who pushes a button. We know quality and we know the shots that you need. It takes a lot more talent to take a photo than pushing a button. You have to control your subject and know how to get the shot in any situation. We are the best photographers in New York City.


Times Square Gossip is a quality website. We have readers all over the world, but we have a huge readership in New York, The Hamptons, Las Vegas and Hollywood. Our readers grow each and every day. If you would like to advertise, contact us for more info at


We get a lot of readers that contact us asking to remove a photo, they feel they do not look good. We only use the best photos, we almost never make anyone look bad. Removing takes a huge amount of time, this is why we charge a $250.00 removal fee for each photo and that's only if we agree to remove it. If the story needs the photo to tell the tale, we will not remove.  We just do not have the time for someones vanity.