Bitching By: James Edstrom

 Michael Bloomberg

Our Mayor, Mike Bloomberg just never gives up on taking away Americans rights. His new proposed soda law, that that will limit what size drink you can buy in New York City, is just so Un-American. Not only does it infringe on our rights, it is just plains stupid.

Yes, New Yorkers are overweight. Yes there are health care costs and many problems with obesity. But to take away a Americans right to chose, to take away Americans given rights, is just going too far.

Alcohol creates deaths and a huge cost on society. You will never hear the Mayor talk about banning his favorite Scotch.

Mike Bloomberg's taxes on cigarettes are already taking it's toll on the poor. Every where you go, someone asks for a cigarette. Poor people addicted to this horrible product, are still spending what little money they have on this product. Even at rich society parties, I am always asked for a cigarette, because the rich do not want to pay these outrageous taxes. Bloomberg's recent try at taxing soda may have been a flop, but he will not stop till he controls our lives right down to when we sleep.

I understand that there are many things that are not good for us. But it is our right to decide what to smoke and what to eat. Not Mike Bloomberg's!


Mitt Rommey

I have never been so ashamed to be a Republican in my life. Mitt Romney is a disgrace. He really is. He supports the rich and anyone that can not see this deserves to get what Romney has to offer. Our Republican controlled Congress could care less about the poor or the middle class. They all got money, health care and anything else they need. They will do anything to get richer, they are never happy with what they already got.


Barack Obama

My rich friends and my good friends from Fox News will fight me to the death on re-electing President Obama. Every time I go out to dinner with some of them, I just can not believe that they support these Republicans and these crazy ideas. They act like I am so uninformed on whats happening in the world. I spent two hours on the phone the other night with one rich friend, and I told her to walk around Hells Kitchen or the Bowery in lower Manhattan to see real poverty. Raising money for these already rich charities does just about nothing. Spend Christmas at The Bowery Mission feeding the homeless who are starving. Send some money to The Bowery Mission where every dime counts. Stop spending money at five thousand dollar plate dinners where the charity spent a quarter million to entertain you. When I go to these events, I just feel sickened. I really do.

Barack Obama has the right ideas, but he can not get anything done because of this Republican controlled Congress. We need health care. We need alternative energy solutions so we are not controlled by these oil countries.

We also need laws and regulation, no matter what the Republicans say. What happened on Wall Street was a disgrace. We bailed out the rich. If we had let these banks fail, the rich would have lost their money, the average person who had below 100 thousand would have been insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. Banks would have become smaller, and maybe for once, the average customer would have been important again. Maybe banks would have started to play fair again.

Banks are still breaking the laws that we already have in place. Bank Of America is one good example. They break the laws, make billions off doing it and they are only fined a few million. Shouldn't the fine match the ripoff? The banks know they are breaking the law, they just figure the fine will be so much less and it's a cost of doing business. And they are right. It is time to start sending these crooks to jail. If you run a company and you rip off billions, you need to go to jail and not pay a small fine, but do the time.

Barack Obama is for the middle class and the poor. He understands the suffering Americans are going through now. He understands that we need Social Security to keep people out of poverty. Millions of Americans have paid into the Social Security system to insure that they had money coming in as they age. They have a right to get what they paid for and for what was agreed upon when they paid into the system. The Republicans could care less. The Republicans only care about taking care of their interests. 

Vote The Republicans Out Of Office!