Eddie Finocchiaro With Q104.3’s Maria Milito And Jim Kerr

As Internet radio hits prime time later this year, there’s no one better positioned than UNCLE EDDIE aka Eddie Finocchiaro) to lead the pack, as the producer, head-writer and on-air personality of the HAM RADIO SHOW (HamRadioShow.com). Not to be confused with those “Jersey Shore gel heads”, Eddie’s Staten Island upbringing caused him to seek an outlet to express his burgeoning sense of humor. He found comedy; loud, improvisational, controversial and shocking comedy that can only be described as raw and very real. Working at Sirius XM radio, Eddie knew he was on the verge of something special.

Finocchiaro has taken the Talk Radio world by storm listing Howard Stern, Bill Hicks, The Marx Brothers, Jim Kerr, Ken Dashow, and George Carlin as his main inspirations. He’s had the pleasure of meeting several of his heroes including Stone-Cold Steve Austin and the late Ed McMahon who was “a lot nicer than he had to be. I’m not yelling, this is just how I talk. Part hillbilly, part Italian … and, all New York …. I'm the only New Yorker with a Southern twang.”

Eddie has been working with Jim Kerr for the last several years as the fill-in Producer/ Writer for "THE JIM KERR ROCK & ROLL MORNING SHOW” on Q104.3 and says the experience is like “learning to play piano from Beethoven.” Kerr has been a mentor, friend and the biggest influence in Eddie’s professional life. When no one else would give him a chance, it was Jim Kerr that threw him into the proverbial pool to see if his protégé could swim. Eddie didn't sink when Kerr asked him on the spot to perform commercials or do short advertisements and he’s been on a roll ever since.

Photo Courtesy Of: David Salidor