Sal The Stockbroker With The Girls Of Rick's

Rick's Cabaret New York is the favorite gentlemen's club for Wall Street executives, celebrities, and pro athletes. Rick's Cabaret Girl Trina said that she considers some of the NY Knicks her favorite VIP customers. "We are not allowed to mention any names," she explained. "But the basketball guys are awesome.

"The girls and I wanted to do something to show them how much we appreciate them. So we held a pep rally to cheer them on. They are going to the playoffs--and anything can happen. Maybe they will go all the way to the Championship," she cooed.

"Carmelo Anthony is my favorite Knick," said Rick's Cabaret Girl Gianna. "And I love his wife La La. He should bring her to Rick's and I will give her a dance she will never forget."

Rick's Cabaret Girl Jennifer said, "We invited Sal the Stockbroker from the Howard Stern Show to join us at the midday rally held here at Rick's. I knew he would enjoy watching all the girls do their cheers and he definitively enjoyed the businessmen's lunch special--he's a stockbroker, right?"