Justin Bieber

While in Vegas for the Billboard Music Awards, pop sensation Justin Bieber made sure to check out CRSVR in The Cosmopolitan Hotel.

The store is the work of Vice - a world renown DJ and entrepreneur who started the business as a sneaker store in Santa Barbara and has just recently and successfully expanded to their Vegas location on December 15, 2010.

Justin Bieber stopped into the hotel solely to check out CRSVR merchandise, with only a few security guards and a friend accompanying him as he browsed the merchandise. CRSVR shut down its venue exclusively for Bieber and soon a crowd of people, including Marquee staff and guests started gathering out front, pressed against the windows, just to get a glimpse of the pop idol. Bieber headed straight to the Stance Socks display and grabbed a bunch of their socks, along with some trendy tank tops and snapbacks. Bieber was gifted with the first ever SLVDR x CRSVR Capsule Collection, an original, incredibly limited line of clothes that consists of 2 tanks, 2 tees, 3 button up shirts, and a windbreaker that is being released in early June. This capsule collection is the first in a series of them and will soon be released at both CRSVR locations and crsvr.com in early June.