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Jerry Springer On Baggage

GSN's original hit series "Baggage", in which daters share their surprising, sometimes downright shocking 'baggage', was just named one of Entertainment Weekly's "Top Guilty Pleasures" and was prominently featured in the new HBO hit series "Girls". And, in her recent review of the show for, June Thomas began with "Baggage is Real, and It Is Spectacular."

GSN is airing first-run episodes of BAGGAGE throughout the month of May on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 6:00 p.m. (ET) and on Fridays at 6:30 p.m. (ET).

On each half-hour episode of BAGGAGE, host Jerry Springer guides the fun as one dater chooses among three contestants, who reveal the intimate secrets and hidden flaws that are typically kept under wraps to impress a first date. Each contestant enters with three suitcases—small, medium and large—containing the quirky, annoying and sometimes outrageous “baggage” that may or may not eliminate the contestants from competition, to the accompaniment of the dater’s tagline, “I’m sorry, but you have too much baggage.”

According to Entertainment Weekly, in its May 11, 2012 issue, Baggage is "so good because we wind up someplace even guiltier and gaudier…." On "GIRLS," Shoshanna insists that Hannah watch the show with her, leading to a lengthy of discussion of what each girl's own small, medium, and large baggage would be. (For Shoshanna, not loving her grandmother is medium baggage; her large suitcase would contain "being a virgin.")

New episodes of BAGGAGE running in May include daters whose baggage includes (among many, many other things) making dates pass a psychological exam, having a skull collection, dressing as a superhero on weekends, living with wild animals, and gambling away an ex’s savings.

Critics have said of BAGGAGE: "Baggage is all overshare, and I am under its spell" (Dan Snierson, Entertainment Weekly); “Baggage has proved to be very entertaining… Jerry Springer is the perfect host for the show” (Gabrielle Rice, Yahoo!), and "Baggage is Real, and It Is Spectacular" (June Thomas, Slate).

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