Hair Raising Donald Trump

Moron Donald Trump With Fellow Moron Mitt Romney

Donald Trump announced his endorsement of Mitt Romney at the Trump Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada. Having photographed Donald Trump many times over the years, this guy is really a asshole. Always was, always will be.

Now all my readers know I rarely say anything bad about anyone on this website. After years working with all the major publications like the NY Post, People Magazine, The Enquirer and 100's more, I got so tired of all the bad stories we were always working on. But I don't like Donald Trump. I never did out of the many times I have met him and talked to him. I love his kids, they are wonderful. I love Ivana, shes a dream, I even stayed a weekend many years ago in Palm Beach at Mar A Logo partying with her and my friends. She's a gem. But Donald is a moron. He really is. It makes me sick that the media will keep feeding into these announcements from Trump about jumping into the presidential race. Subway gunman Bernie Goetz would get more votes than Donald Trump. At least Bernie has a pulse on whats happening in our country. Donald Trump has no idea.

Donald Trump came from money and has no idea what it is like to struggle. He was always rich and will always be rich. I was in his old apartment in Trump Tower many times over the years. Gold plated fixtures everywhere and servants to cater to his every need. This is Donald Trumps life.

So here we have ultra rich Donald Trump, telling America that ultra rich Mitt Romney should be president. Are you kidding me? America is not this dumb. Donald Trump has been the master of the media for many years. He's been pulling these stunts for so long.

I remember when Ivana and Donald were getting a divorce. At that time Donald owned the Plaza Hotel and Ivana ran it. The media was playing this out like a war of the worlds. I got a tip from all the Trump's publicity people that Ivana was hosting a party at the Plaza and she might run into her battling future ex. Sure enough I head over there and lo and behold they collide. Pure media magic. Donald missed his calling, he should have been a publicist. He is the master at publicity stunts and it amazes me that the media still falls for it all. Donald Trump is a arrogant moron with the worst hair I ever saw. He's had more dye jobs than Joan Rivers. I only wish he could get as many face lifts as Joan Rivers, but he's probably been told it wont help!

Photos By: RD / Kabik / Retna Digital


Anonymous said…
Your assessment of The Doucheald is right on the money.