Johan Ernst Nilson

After explorer Johan Ernst Nilson was forced to find an alternate route to the South Pole for his Pole2Pole Expedition due to an iceberg the size of the capital of Germany breaking off from the Antarctic coast and obstructing his planned pathway. The world-renowned explorer found a military aircraft and a crew willing to escort him to the continent to begin his two-month-long ski trip across the icy, unforgiving terrain. Johan will ski a total of 2,200 kilometers (1,300 miles), then return to Ecuador and finally travel back to Antarctica by sailboat in March 2012, completing his Pole2Pole expedition within one year of its start.

Johan has experienced numerous trials and tribulations since arriving on the world’s southernmost continent. During his first week in Antarctica, Johan damaged a fuel can, which caused him to lose five liters of cooking fuel plus a week’s worth of food. He has traversed elevations of 700 meters (.5 miles) and higher while pulling a 100 kilogram sled (220 lbs) and experienced an Antarctic hurricane that caused damage to his tent, which was fortunately reparable. While kite-skiing last week, Johan experienced another setback when he crashed and broke his rib. Despite these difficulties, Johan was in Antarctica during the Centennial Anniversary of Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen’s successful expedition to the South Pole. Roald was a member of The Explorers Club, like Johan, and was also sponsored by watchmaker, Zenith. Johan and his crew were also able to celebrate Christmas with candy, raisins, bacon, sausage, and whiskey. Johan is currently projected to arrive at the South Pole by mid-January.

As Johan finishes his journey, he will surely experience more difficulties, but as he says, “Problems are made to be solved, and we will find a solution.” Johan will continue to provide updates through his blog and Twitter feed.

About Climate Neutral | Pole2Pole: Honoring the anniversary of American Explorer Robert E. Peary’s expedition to the North Pole, as well as the history-making expedition of Norwegian Explorer Roald Amundsen, who was first to reach the South Pole in 1911, Johan walked 124 miles on the Arctic ice of the North Pole to the Svalbard Archipelago in Greenland. He then navigated across the Arctic Ocean to Vancouver, Canada and cycled through North, Central and South America, passing through major cities in the United States—New York, NY, Philadelphia, PA, Washington, DC and Austin, TX—into Mexico, El Salvador. He is currently traveling through Central America and will pass through South America, the Amazon Jungle, and Patagonia, culminating with a two-month journey in Antarctica on skis and a parafoil. The expected duration of Climate Neutral | Pole2Pole is one year!

Teaming up with such iconic brands as Audi—which recently named him a Brand Ambassador—and ZENITH Watches, Johan is known globally as “The Environmental Explorer,” and has accomplished some 30 excursions across 100 countries. Fans around the world are invited to track Johan’s travels as he blogs and tweets his way across the globe.

To read Johan’s blog, please visit | Follow Johan’s tweets at @ExplorerJEN

ABOUT JOHAN ERNST NILSON: Along with his adventures, Johan seeks to give back to the community with such charitable involvements as being an Ambassador for International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), MinStoraDag and Swedish Postcode Lottery, Honorary Goodwill Ambassador, Nepal, and is a member of The Explorers Club. In between travels, Johan also manages to hold lectures with topics ranging from motivation to eco-friendly awareness, as well as publishing a photobook titled Seven Summits – The Photobook, featuring images from his Seven Summits journey.

Johan’s famed project to-date includes his 2008 Seven Summits journey, in which he reached the summits of the highest mountains on each of the seven continents, including Mount Everest, Mount McKinley, and the Vinson Massif. With his first expedition being a result of a wager in 1994 (biking from Stockholm to Morocco in 52 days), Johan has continuously sought out more ambitious projects. Johan has been featured on globally renowned media outlets such as the BBC, CNN, the Discovery Channel and the National Geographic Channel.