My Friend Michael

The trial is over but the story continues. The new book from Frank Cascio, one of Michael Jackson’s closest friends and confidantes for over twenty-five years, reveals a never-before-seen look at the life of Michael Jackson in My Friend Michael, which was released November 15th, 2011. Since meeting Michael Jackson in 1984 at the peak of his career, Frank observed firsthand the greatest entertainer the world had ever seen. Frank also saw Michael through some of his most chaotic moments, and in their time together inadvertently became the ultimate Michael Jackson insider. Until now, he had largely remained silent about his experience. The book offers a compelling new side to the King of Pop—a human story lost to the media, a man both incredibly normal and remarkably vulnerable. Filled with personal anecdotes and once-private moments, the book is a treasure-trove of Jackson lore that celebrates the celebrity, the man, and the friend.

“This book is about Michael Jackson the man. The mentor who taught me how to make a “mind map.” The friend who loved to feed candy to animals. The prankster who donned a disguise and pretended to be a wheelchair-bound priest. The humanitarian who tried to be as great and generous in his private life as he was in public. The human being. I want Michael to be seen as I saw him, to be understood with all the silly, loving, challenging, imperfect beauty that I loved.” — Frank Cascio

My Friend Michael provides an inspiring look at the Michael Jackson Frank Cascio knew. Exclusive photos and memories fill the pages, and no stone is left unturned. The book delves into topics including:

· Michael’s prescription drug use

· Child molestation allegations

· The real Michael

· Michael on tour and in the studio

· Marriages and children

My Friend Michael is available from Barnes & Noble and Amazon.com in hardcover for $25.99.

About Frank Cascio: Frank Cascio is an entrepreneur with expertise ranging from business finance to music entertainment. His friendship with Michael Jackson began when he was five, and at the age of eighteen, he was hired by Mr. Jackson to be his personal assistant, eventually being promoted to his personal manager. He was a producer of The Michael Jackson Interview: Footage You Were Never Meant to See, as well as creative director and co-producer for Michael Jackson Private Home Movies which aired on Fox. He has worked in New York City for the last six years and splits his time between there, California, Germany and Italy.