Molly Bell

Keith Pinto

How does a pop sensation wind up bald and trapped in her own musical? And can musicals save her soul?

Debuting at The Retro Dome in San Jose, Calif. on February 10, Becoming Britney is a caustic (but loving) fable that chronicles the rise, the dip, and the salvation of a foolhardy celebrity phenom. Part parody, part homage, this high-octane award-winning musical manages to elevate itself above standard musical satire and pop culture snark to add a layer of heart.

Becoming Britney, which was honored at the prestigious New York International Fringe Festival, features 14 original songs that pay homage to multiple musical theatre genres; they include a comical waltz between Britney and K-Fed as they both agree the other is, “The Love of My Life (So Far),” a show-stopper called “Push It Out” in which Brit has two babies, and “Out of Control,” a swingin’ jive number about her downward spiral with the help of friends Lindsay and Paris.

The show features New York International Fringe Festival Award-winning actress Molly Bell* in the title role alongside Keith Pinto*, Adam Barry*, Lizzie O’Hara, Leanne Borghesi* and Danelle Medeiros.Book, Music and Lyrics are by Molly Bell & Daya Curley, who also directs. Becoming Britney is produced by Scott, Shannon and Stephen Guggenheim of Guggenheim Entertainment, Inc.

Becoming Britney opens Friday, February 10 and closes Sunday, March 11. Shows will run Fridays & Saturdays at 8pm and Sundays at 2pm. More information and tickets are available at

Photos Courtesy Of: Jared Lee Photography