Yesterdays raid on several strip clubs, including Cheetahs right across the street, must have some New York City cops running for the hills.

The feds busted up a mob-run ring that allegedly lured Eastern European women to work at strip clubs in New York and arranged sham weddings for them, the U.S. District Attorney's office said yesterday.

Twenty people were taken down in the bust - including seven mobsters from the Gambino and Bonanno families - and slapped with charges including extortion, transporting and harboring illegal immigrants, racketeering, visa and marriage fraud.

"The defendants themselves had one thing in common -- the desire to turn the women they allegedly helped enter this country illegally into their personal profit centers," said U.S. District Attorney for Manhattan Preet Bharara. "Today's arrests have brought an end to their illicit activities."

Prosecutors said the ring controlled clubs in Manhattan, Queens and Long Island, and that they would recruit women through newspaper ads and social networks to work as waitresses and hostesses. But when they got to the U.S., the alleged mobsters sent the women to work at clubs such as Cheetah's Gentleman Club and Restaurant in Manhattan and Perfection in Queens.

Now you may wonder why I say some New York cops will be running for the hills. The reason being there seems to be some kind of a very close relationship between the police in this neighborhood and the club. As I live right across the street, I spend alot of time out front smoking a cigarette and I watch the club. I have seen several times very un-natural things happen between the police and the club.

Many times I have observed police cars and police vans pull up to the club and the cops inside go up to the club door and hug the doorman. I always found this very strange. One time I saw the doorman hand a envelope to one of the cops. Hey it could be that they gave the cop free passes or something. I'll let my readers decide. On another time a few weeks ago, two un-marked police cars parked right in front of my building along with a police van and they all went into the club. I knew the cars was police vehicles, as they put their police parking plaques inside the windshield, so they would not get ticketed, as there is no parking in front of my building. They were in the club for hours. I remember thinking that these guys must be on duty and I thought this really sucked if they were in there partying while on duty.

Like I say, I'll let the readers decide. But it seems a very strange and I bet we will hear more on this story.