Linda Lauren's Hostage In Time

Renowned 4th generation Psychic Medium Linda Lauren provides a variety of distinguished services at Linda Lauren’s Embracing The Universe Metaphysical Center to connect with people who come to her for guidance; reading their past, present, and their probable futures through the color and energy she senses around them. Linda, an Author, Energy Artist, Reiki Practitioner, and Pet Psychic, shares her knowledge and offers guidance in positive living at the Center, a serene place for her clients to enjoy an escape from the stressful daily grind of their lives. There, guests are offered counsel, spiritual rejuvenation, relaxation, meditation, knowledge, communication, and sometimes just good company. In addition, Linda uses her unique talent to create mesmerizing personalized energy art for clients based upon a reading of the colors of energy of people, places and objects as it relates to their aura. Linda discovered a unique process of breathing life into spirit by way of this new artwork.

Visitors of the Center will find other unique experiences and an array of traditional services such as readings, mediumship, astrology interpretations, as well as:

· Corporate Consulting: Linda assists business owners to create additional avenues of prosperity, increase their effectiveness, and can give their workplace an energy makeover.

· Psychic Profiling: Linda is able to analyze a photograph or handwriting in order to understand a person’s past, present, and potential.

· Reiki: A Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.

· Animal Communication: When a pet and its owner experience trouble communicating, Linda can remedy the situation through intelligent psychic observations. Linda has a recurring column, “Psychic Companion,” that appears in The Hollywood Dog magazine.

Linda provides extraordinary knowledge to all those who come to her for help. The following are offerings at the Center that are truly one-of-a-kind, some of which are even trademarked to her:

· Linda Lauren’s Psychic Evenings of Audience Readings.

· The Hope Deck™: Designed by Linda as a way for others to tap into their own psychic ability.

· Crystal Awareness Lectures: Learn about the powerful energy that gemstones and crystals contain.

· Linda Lauren’s Energy Art™: One of Linda’s unique talents is her ability to read people’s aura through the energy of colors that their bodies emit. She captures this amazing state and creates a digital image. The result is a unique work that paints a portrait of the subject in an unprecedented fashion.

Linda shares her creativity and natural extrasensory abilities at her Center as well as with her latest endeavor, her debut novel “Hostage in Time,” a paranormal time-travel romance, which released in Fall 2011.