May Pang With Dr. Judy Kuriansky And Tim Mantoani

TV psychologist commentator and sexpert Dr Judy Kuriansky caught up with friend May Pang -- John Lennon’s “lost Weekend” lover from 1973-1975, now a photographer and Feng Shui jewelry producer -- at the reception and exhibit for photographer Tim Mantoani’s new book, “Behind Photographs – Archiving Photographic Legends.” The three are pictured here pointing to Pang’s classic 1974 photo taken on the Long Island Sound of Lennon with his son Julian when he was a little boy. The photo is one of many captivating shots in Mantoani’s book featuring photographers holding a favorite or iconic image, ranging from shots of Madonna in 1983, Mother Teresa, Bruce Springsteen and Nelson Mandela, to powerful images of war refugees, an Iraqi boy injured by an explosive, an AIDS-ridden child,.and a row of Russian missing forearms deformed by pollutants. Pang answered the burning question, “Was John Lennon a good lover?” with an enthusiastic, “Yes.” When Dr, Judy asked her to elaborate, Pang replied that he knew how to please a woman first and even taught her a few things (all excellent signs). Another classic photo of Lennon in Mantoani’s book is of the Beatle in a white t-shirt with black “New York City” lettering during a photo shoot in his east side penthouse apartment for the cover of his “Walls and Bridges” album. And picture the Fab Four caught midair jumping onto a bed when told by their manager that they were number 1 in American and going to NY! Besides the Lennon shots, you can “Imagine” why Dr Judy gravitated to the photo of Elvis Presley “caught on film” June 30th 1956 backstage at the Mosque Theatre in Richmond Virginia clearly tongue-kissing an unknown date. Note: Sources say that Gene Simmons allegedly once put his famous tongue down the sexpert’s throat backstage at a concert when she was hosting her famous Z100 “LovePhones” call-in show.

Photo Courtesy Of:Peter Reitzfeld