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Sunday, October 29, 2017


Eat Like A Rock Star

May Pang With Mary Wilson And Mark Bego

Author Mark Bego’s bash at Steve Walter’s Cutting Room recently was a singular success. There to officially launch his Eat Like A Rock Star (Skyhorse Publishing), which contains more than 100 recipes from rock stars: from Richie Sambora, to Bill Wyman, Boz Scaggs, Joey Fatone, Ray Parker, Jr., Micky Dolenz and Michael McDonald, the book is lavishly produced, with photos and bios for each chef, from Bego. With 62 rock-bios to his credit, Bego said that invariably the topic of food would come up during his interviews and often, the stars themselves would prepare their favorite dish for Bego. “I well remember interviewing Bill Wyman, of the Rolling Stones, and though he said he didn’t cook at first, he eventually opened up and gave me a terrific recipe (Lamb Chops with Endive Salad).”

Mary Wilson With Mark Bego And Marie Sacino Hanlon

Seen amongst the crowd, which was served a special white Sangria that the author himself prepared, were Gene Cornish from The Rascals; Cory Daye from The Savannah Band; Paul Antonelli from Animotion; songsmith Mike Greenly (“My Fire”); Imaginary Friends’ Beth Wernick; Randy Jones and Will Grega; Lou Christie; Marie Sacino Hanlon; Donnie Dacus; Bego’s longtime PR-pasha David Salidor with fellow PR-man Randy Alexander; and the group The Hit Men with Lee Shapiro. 

With the book currently on amazon’s best Selling Cookbooks list, a sequel is definitely in the offing.

Sunday, October 14, 2012



May Pang

Connecticut-based tour operators Liverpool Productions celebrate their thirtieth anniversary in 2013 with guaranteed entry INSIDE Abbey Road Studios for the first time in a decade.

The "Magical History Tour" is an 11-day vacation for fans to Liverpool, London and Henley, from August 18-August 28. The price is still only $2499 per person complete, or only $2999 including airfare from JFK. 

In Liverpool, visit every imaginable Beatles site, plus enjoy all the exclusive events the group is privy to. Liverpool Productions is a sister company to Cavern City Tours, ensuring admissions to everything, up-close seats at concerts and V.I.P. perks to events during Beatle Week.

In London, visit all the Beatles landmarks and - for the first time in 10 years - not only visit Abbey Road Studio 2 but "get back" inside to partake in an actual recording session. No other tour group has ever have held actual recording sessions inside Abbey Road. 

In Henley, visit George Harrison's home, Friar Park ("Crackerbox Palace") and enjoy an afternoon in this very beautiful British seaside village.

Sunday, November 06, 2011


May Pang With Dr. Judy Kuriansky And Tim Mantoani

TV psychologist commentator and sexpert Dr Judy Kuriansky caught up with friend May Pang -- John Lennon’s “lost Weekend” lover from 1973-1975, now a photographer and Feng Shui jewelry producer -- at the reception and exhibit for photographer Tim Mantoani’s new book, “Behind Photographs – Archiving Photographic Legends.” The three are pictured here pointing to Pang’s classic 1974 photo taken on the Long Island Sound of Lennon with his son Julian when he was a little boy. The photo is one of many captivating shots in Mantoani’s book featuring photographers holding a favorite or iconic image, ranging from shots of Madonna in 1983, Mother Teresa, Bruce Springsteen and Nelson Mandela, to powerful images of war refugees, an Iraqi boy injured by an explosive, an AIDS-ridden child,.and a row of Russian missing forearms deformed by pollutants. Pang answered the burning question, “Was John Lennon a good lover?” with an enthusiastic, “Yes.” When Dr, Judy asked her to elaborate, Pang replied that he knew how to please a woman first and even taught her a few things (all excellent signs). Another classic photo of Lennon in Mantoani’s book is of the Beatle in a white t-shirt with black “New York City” lettering during a photo shoot in his east side penthouse apartment for the cover of his “Walls and Bridges” album. And picture the Fab Four caught midair jumping onto a bed when told by their manager that they were number 1 in American and going to NY! Besides the Lennon shots, you can “Imagine” why Dr Judy gravitated to the photo of Elvis Presley “caught on film” June 30th 1956 backstage at the Mosque Theatre in Richmond Virginia clearly tongue-kissing an unknown date. Note: Sources say that Gene Simmons allegedly once put his famous tongue down the sexpert’s throat backstage at a concert when she was hosting her famous Z100 “LovePhones” call-in show.

Photo Courtesy Of:Peter Reitzfeld

Sunday, November 22, 2009


May Pang With Steve Walter

Tommy James

Scribner/Simon & Schuster hosted a reception to celebrate the release of legendary music artist Tommy James' autobiography, Me, The Mob and The Music at The Gibson Guitar Studios in New York City the other evening. A motion picture based on the book is now in development and an announcement was made at the reception by executive producer Barry Rosen of Triangle Films and executive producer Mary Gleeson that they are in negotiations with Broadway producer, John Osher of Jersey Boys and Hairspray fame to bring this incredible story to Broadway. The book will be out worldwide on February 16th and is already being advertised on, and for pre-release sale. Among the many guests were Famed Cutting Room owner Steve Walter, Michele Mais and Lauren Molina, stars of broadway's Rock Of Ages, May Pang, Anthony De Curtis, Barbara Assante, David Browne of Rolling Stone, Barbara DeFina of DeFina Films,(she has produced Martin Scorsese's films) and Broadway producer, John Bonnani. the reception catering was beautifully done by Michael Mayer of Cafe Metro.
Photos By: Bobby Banks

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Gerald McCleod And Chris Noth

La La With Joan Rivers, Chris Noth, Steve Walter, Dominic Chianese And Randy Jones

Susan Hathaway With Son

Keith Collins And Richard Corkery

Steve Walter With Parents

Keith Girald With May Pang And David Salidor

STEVE WALTER'S CUTTING ROOM closed last night, and as expected, went out with a big blow out. When I arrived, they still hadn't let the audience in for the closing night performance of JOAN RIVERS ... making it body-to-body from the moment I entered. Many of the regulars showed as promised including co-owner CHRIS NOTH, DAILY NEWS-photographer DICK CORKERY, Public Relations Powerhouse CLAIRE O'CONNOR, Pasha DAVID SALIDOR, Times Square Gossip's JAMES EDSTROM, KEITH GIRARD from THE IMPROPER, Penthouse Magazine's LANIE SPEISER with Pet-JUSTINE JOLI and AMIE CAMPBELL, HENRY EDWARDS, Q104's KEN DASHOW, JUDY KATZ, Party King and actor KEITH COLLINS, JON MOORHEAD, DENNIS FERRANTE, RUSS TITLEMAN, SANDY HICKS, among others, and the always wonderful staff there, PETER ABRAHAM, SUSAN HATHAWAY, HOWARD MARK and owner Steve Walter. It's hard to believe that the club has been there for 10 years and in that time, certainly made its mark as the premiere live music attraction in NYC. Since The Bottom Line closed, The Cutting Room has been THE musical destination in the city. And, its presented some of the best music around, NEIL YOUNG,MAZARIN, BILLY J. KRAMER, DONOVAN, MELANIE, AL STEWART, JIMMY WEBB and, many, many more. Much of the conversation centered on what's next for the music mecca. And, while rumors will abound, I predict it will be re-open in the next several months in a new location. If you haven't given yourself the opportunity to sample this room's special magic ... make sure you're front and center for the re-opening. It always presents the best New York City has to offer musically.
Photos By: James Edstrom

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Yoko Ono drugged Beatle icon John Lennon during his attempts to give up smoking according to the late Beatle’s ex-girlfriend May Pang.The star dated former assistant Pang for 18 months from 1974 to 75, but returned to his wife Ono following the brief fling. And Pang insists Ono’s methods of helping Lennon to stop smoking were unconventional, she made him drink the cure, which made him physically sick and made him sleep excessively. She says, "He wasn’t ready to go back. It wasn’t as clear cut as, ‘I’m going to leave you and go home.’ He went over there for this method she had to quit smoking. He was going to come back. He said, ‘Don’t worry, I’ll be gone for a couple of hours. I’ll be back, we’ll go for dinner.’ He was gone all weekend. I couldn’t get through to him there. Every time I called, Yoko said, ‘He’s sleeping, he’s sleeping.’ "When I saw him on Monday, something wasn’t right. Something had gone on.When I asked him, he said, ‘I drank this tea Yoko gave me and I threw up.’ I could see a whole different person. But I only knew what he was telling me. Did he think he was being drugged? If he did, he wasn’t telling me. He wouldn’t say much. I let it go. Maybe it’s my naivety." Pang, 57, is currently promoting a book of rare Lennon photographs, Instamatic Karma.
Editors Note: John Lennon should have stayed with May Pang. I never liked Yoko the many times I have met her and I adore May Pang. Such a difference...
Photo By: James Edstrom

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Beatle John Lennon was a television addict who spent hours each day lying in bed and flicking channels, his ex-girlfriend and Times square Gossip friend May Pang reveals. Pang, who was Lennon’s assistant and then dated him from 1973 to 1975 - while he was separated from wife Yoko Ono, claims her favourite image of the former Beatle is of him glued to the box with his two cats crawling over him at their home on New York’s East 52nd Street. She says, "The man really liked to stay in bed and just lay there and watch television. Cable was new then. We had a box with buttons and his fingers were constantly moving on it. We had cats called Major and Minor. They would just sit all over him. It was just cute."

Monday, October 30, 2006


Brit-musicians DENNY LAINE and STEVE HOLLEY were in PAUL McCARTNEY's WINGS and though they have remained mum on Macca's recent marriage troubles, last night at MAY PANG's and STEVE WALTER's birthday bash at Walter's Cutting Room (19 West 24th), they let the music do the talking, performing "Band On The Run", "Live And Let Die", and "Mull Of Kintyre", 3 of Wing's biggest recorded hits.Also on hand, were Q104.3's KEN DASHOW; MERRY MEAD from The Learning Annex; drummer Bill Cobham's brother WAYNE COBHAM; IAN LLOYD of Stories; legendary-Beatles promoter SID BERNSTEIN; JIM BESSMAN from Billboard Magazine; New York Doll-producer JACK DOUGLAS; Grammy-award winning producer DENNIS FERRANTE; and, artist JIM SENETTO.