Hostage In Time

Fourth-generation psychic medium Linda Lauren is officially releasing her debut novel, a paranormal time-travel romance entitled Hostage in Time, this Fall. Hostage in Time travels back to the late 1800s with its protagonist to the fictional home of Thomas Edison’s attorney:

While filming the historic Serenity house, home of Thomas Edison’s patent attorney Jonathan Brisbane, things become very complicated for photographer Amanda Lloyd when she suddenly finds herself transported back in time to 1884. Accused by Brisbane of being a spy, she is put under house arrest, becoming a hostage to history. As Amanda becomes accustomed to life in the 19th century, her growing love for Jonathan is­­ shattered when a scorned traitor sets them up, forcing the pair to work together to unravel the secrecy of missing documents before she is arrested for treason and history is changed forever. With the help of a spiritualist medium, they are able to find and understand their destiny—but is it too late?

An exciting, mind-bending trip down the time-travel rabbit hole, Linda Lauren’s debut novel is a fast-paced adventure full of passion and intrigue.

Hostage in Time is available in paperback and eBook versions online at Amazon and Barnes and Noble, and will soon be available on iBook.