Max The Crystal Skull

Following his cinematic debut in the action flick Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (alongside leading man Harrison Ford), Max the Crystal Skull has been busy touring the world spreading his renewing powers and positive energy. He was the inspiration behind the film’s story and his notoriety has increased ever since. Max is on his way to the East Coast, where he will spend three days with fourth-generation psychic medium Linda Lauren, who is hosting a special event that is sure to draw in those in search of spiritual guidance!

Linda Lauren’s Embracing The Universe Metaphysical Center in Mountainside, New Jersey, will host a series of private sessions (November 4-6, 2011) as well as a special group lecture and meditation gathering (on November 5, 2011) with Max the Crystal Skull, whose story was an essential component in the plot of the fourth Indiana Jones film in 2008. Max was present on the set of the film to provide mystical guidance and positive energy to the crew, but was not featured in any shots—an identical replica was created for use during production as the authentic Max is incredibly valuable and irreplaceable. The film depicts Henry “Indiana” Jones’ efforts to deliver the skull to its rightful place and protect it from Soviet villains who intend to usurp Max’s powers to destroy the West.

Max is a 16-pound, 10,000-year-old relic discovered nearly 100 years ago in a Mayan tomb. Originally, Mayan priests used crystal skulls to guide them in prayer and benefited from their healing powers. Max is said to have life-changing abilities and the capacity to provide what one needs most upon meeting him, whether it be healing, creativity, serenity, or a necessity so deep it is yet to be discovered. Max is one of thirteen crystal skulls known in the world and is currently touring the country, sharing his powerful energy with the public!

Lauren is honored to host the ancient legend in her metaphysical center and is looking forward to sharing Max’s transformative powers with visitors during this special weekend!

Linda Lauren’s Embracing The Universe Metaphysical Center is offering:

$25 lecture and meditation with Max facilitated by Linda Lauren

$60 private half-hour sessions with Max, by appointment only

ABOUT LINDA LAUREN: Linda Lauren is a fourth-generation psychic medium, author, pet psychic, energy artist, and Reiki practitioner who connects with people who come to her for guidance through the color and energy she senses around them. Linda Lauren’s Embracing The Universe Metaphysical Center is a personal reflection of the work she does. It provides a place to enjoy spiritual guidance and purchase spiritual tools while meeting others who are also seeking to follow their own path. The goal of the Center is to offer counsel, spiritual rejuvenation, relaxation, meditation, knowledge, communication, and sometimes, just good company. Linda Lauren is the author of Hostage in Time, a paranormal time-travel romance. Lauren’s blogs Medium Rare™ and Psychic Companion™ can be found on LindaLauren.com, her Amazon.com and Goodreads.com author pages, and multiple Patch.com sites. Her writing is also featured in The Second Life Enquirer.

For more information, please visit www.lindalauren.com.