In the next issue of Steppin' Out magazine, the woman who claims to have had an affair with Ashton Kutcher, Brittney Jones, spills her alleged affair guts to celebrity journalist and radio host, Chaunce Hayden.

Ashton Kutcher With Demi Moore


It affects me a little bit because I don’t like being called a liar. I’m going to bat for my image every day and it hurts me a lot that he calls me a liar and that he denies we were together. But at the same time I understand. If the shoe were on the other foot I would probably do the same thing. He’s trying to protect himself and his family just like I’m trying to protect myself. But it’s getting to the point where him denying it is making him look worse. The more details that come out, the more people believe me. There’s so many details that I have offered to prove myself and how honest I am. Now he’s starting to look shady because he keeps denying it..... I mean, I’ve described the inside of their house to a tee. Demi clearly knows that something happened. She even posted my phone number on her facebook page. She knows that there was a relationship. She’s admitted it indirectly. So him coming out and denying it looks very bizarre..... I mean, why hasn’t she left him? They must have an open relationship. I saw them recently holding hands, as happy as ever. Why would that be if they didn’t have an open marriage?


He’s a lot more shy than people would expect. He’s a lot more tender and caring and sweet as a lover than people would expect. He seems so confident and he’s one of the best looking actors out there. You would think he would be really confident and over powering. That’s what I expected I guess. But he’s actually really shy in a very cute, kind of timid, sweet way.


Listen, I wasn’t pursuing him at all in the bowling alley. I was sitting in the corner by myself and he made it a point to walk across the room and come sit next to me. He would go bowl his turn and than come back to me. So in my eyes, he was the one pursing me. So why wouldn’t he call me? He obviously made it a point that he wanted to talk to me. I definitely felt a strong connection to him and obviously he’s a great looking guy and he’s got a really great personality and he’s really funny. I just thought, well why not? It was like any other situation where I meet a guy and feel a connection. Why not give him my number? It all seemed really normal to me. The whole celebrity thing wasn’t even on my mind at the time.....We were just on the alleys next to each other. I was bowling with my family and he was with his. We were sharing the sitting area between lanes......The truth is that Ashton and I were sitting next to each other and Demi would come up to him and start joking and then walk away. It was very obvious that Ashton was flirting with me. My family was very aware of it and were commenting. So I’m sure it was very obvious to Demi as well. Later somebody said, “How could you do that behind Demi’s back?” I answered, “But she was there! She knew what was going on. It was clear as day.” I think somebody misconstrued that, as we were friends......I still believe they have an open relationship. It’s pretty obvious because she hasn’t left him. They don’t seem to be having any problem because of what happened. I think that they’re just upset that I’m making it public that they have an open relationship. They want the public to have the image that they’re a happily married couple. I’m not saying they’re not a happily married couple. They seem very in love. But they want it to seem that they don’t need to do those other things and have an open relationship. I think they’re just angry at the fact that I let that cat out of the bag. She’s much older then he is and they’re away from each other so much. I feel a lot of Hollywood couples have open relationships.


BJ: I would say he’s average I guess.
SO: Average is six inches..
BJ: Honestly, I don’t really know. We were only together twice and I wasn’t really focusing on that part, but I would say about average than.


I think it’s so accepted today that this is just something people do. Our generation does that with their significant other. I’m very comfortable with my sexuality and video taping myself is something I really enjoy doing from time to time for personal use. I mean, I never thought one day I would be in the media and it could come back to hurt me.


That’s another bizarre story. I put the sweater on eBay and the bidding went up to $20,000. But about an hour before the auction was to close, eBay pulled it down. I sat on the phone with customer service for several hours and they couldn’t give me a clear answer. I find it really bizarre when certain people have connections they can stop things from happening. So I think there was some third party that got involved. Between you and I, Demi and Ashton are probably two of the most connected people in Hollywood.


I was told I have to be careful after I decided to put the sweater on eBay. I didn’t think it was a big deal, but someone told me, “You better be careful how much you piss Ashton off. The two of them are really connected.” I said, “What are they going to do? Kill me?” I was told, “Just be careful.” Listen, if I ever disappear we know who to question!


Not a lot of people know this, but I had a phone call with him after the story came out. He called me and that conversation would probably be the same conversation if we were trapped in an elevator. He was very upset and kind of lost and questioning me on what I said and who did I speak with. He wanted all the details. I was very angry as well. I yelled at him on the phone because he admitted to me that he was the person who released my name and that was part of the reason that I was found.... I think he nervous about the story involving the other woman (he was reportedly seen with). He might of felt that if he went to the media and told them about this girl named Brittany Jones from the bowling alley and that nothing happened, it would discredit me if I ever did try and come out and tell the story. I just think that’s what happened. He was really distraught on the phone. He was upset and concerned with losing his family and what was to come.


If I ran into Demi in an elevator and we were trapped, I would probably be a little scared and I'd just find a way out. Although, I would definitely get in the [boxing] ring with Demi and get out a little aggression.

James Edstrom's Note: Demi Moore is one of the few celebrities I really like and I have met most of them. She is sweet, funny and she tells it like it is. Having photographed her a few times over the years, this story really saddens me, and it is dated, as Demi has announced a divorce.

I also wonder why these girls with all these celebrities really fool themselves into believing they have some kind of connection with the star. I also wonder why these girls think because they are young they look better. Demi Moore is one of the most beautiful stars out there and would put any 20 year old to shame. The key word in this story is alleged. No one knows what really happened one way or another. Ashton has lost a great woman. Demi Moore is probably the only woman I would turn straight for!

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