Caesars Atlantic City

Caesars Entertainment Atlantic City just announced that at 6:58 p.m. on Friday, April, 29th its Total Bad Beat Jackpot of $197,227 hit at Harrah’s Atlantic City. In addition to the two players that participated in the hand, 245 fellow poker players at Bally’s, Caesars and Showboat each received a payout of $400 as part of the pooled jackpot.

"With three Bad Beat Jackpots all hitting within the last month, our poker rooms at the four properties deliver a level of excitement that is unmatched here in Atlantic City," said John Smith, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Harrah's Atlantic City. "We would like to congratulate the loser and winner of the hand, as well as the additional 245 people playing at our poker rooms during the time of the hit."

Will Bullock, of Connecticut, thought he had the winning hand when he laid out his 10-high-straight-flush, only to experience a bad beat when Michael Young, of Pennsylvania, flashed his queen-high-straight-flush and the win. The losing hand earned Will $59,568, while Michael added $39,845 to his wallet. The Total Bad Beat Jackpot was immediately reset to $100,000.

On Tuesday, August 24, 2010, Caesars Entertainment Atlantic City introduced the City’s first-ever multi-casino Texas Hold’em Poker Room Bad Beat Jackpot initiative, and a starting jackpot of $524,045. Poker Room Bad Beat Jackpots at Harrah’s Resort, Caesars, Bally’s and Showboat now reflect one “Pooled” jackpot up for grabs.

The Bad Beat Jackpot is a prize that is paid when a sufficiently strong hand is shown down and loses to an even stronger hand held by another player. The Bad Beat Jackpot is progressive, with $1.00 taken out of each pot to fund the jackpot (in addition to the regular rake). When a jackpot is won, it will be split among all players sitting at a Bad Beat eligible table and in all of the Caesars Total Reward Poker rooms in Atlantic City at the time of the bad beat with the losing hand getting the largest share. On the heels of this Total Bad Beat Jackpot win, Caesars Entertainment immediately administered the reset jackpot at $100,000.

Payouts of the Total Bad Beat Jackpot are as follows:
· 30% of the jackpot will be awarded to the Bad Beat hand (losing player);
· 20% of the jackpot will be awarded to the winner of the hand;
· The remainder of the jackpot will be awarded equally divided as shares among all of the seated players on any Bad Beat Jackpot eligible game at all four (4) linked properties. The players mentioned above will also get a share in addition to the prize listed. All winners will receive a minimum of $100.00.

The minimum losing Bad Beat Hand will start at four (4) queens and each week, on Wednesday, the required hand will be lowered by one (1) four of a kind ranking hand until the required hand is four (4) deuces. When the jackpot is hit the required hand will revert back to four (4) queens and reset the next Wednesday. Example: if the jackpot is hit on a Monday the 4 Queens would only be in effect for 2 days.