Elizabeth Taylor

Hollywood legend Elizabeth Taylor has died at age 79. Taylor died today in Los Angeles, California where she had been treated in a hospital for congestive heart failure. Elizabeth Taylor rose to stardom as a teen, in huge roles like National Velvet, and went on to have a very long and very impressive movie career. Taylor starred in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and as a call girl in Butterfield 8,which won her the first of her two Oscars. Her famed love affair with Richard Burton and her ability to overcome numerous tragedies, including the death of another husband Mike Todd. In her later years, Taylor once again reinvented herself as a tireless and passionate philanthropist, who could raise millions for AIDS-related causes and eventually formed her own charity, the Elizabeth Taylor Foundation. Taylor passed away today in a hospital in Los Angeles, where she had been treated for congestive heart failure, her publicist Sally Morrison said. "All her children were with her,".

Editors Note: When Elizabeth Taylor came to town, the world knew it. I remember years ago when she came to fetes in New York City often, it was like a presidential event. Everyone in the media would be there and everyone would be fighting for a shot of the legend we call Liz. Always surrounded by Agents, publicists, assistants, make up artists and a whole entourage, I always wondered how Liz handled all these people pulling at her, but she did and with class. Photographing Liz was like photographing the Queen. There was protocol. You needed clearance and you had to abide by the rules. You always had to be ready to get the shot, because you never knew how long the photo-op would be. It could be 2 minutes or half a hour, you never knew. All you knew was if you got a great photograph, you could sell it across the world. Liz would joke with the press as she posed and she always looked stunning. Elizabeth Taylor brought the suffering of people with AIDS to the world and raised so much money for AIDS charities. She did it at a time when the world did not understand the illness, and she educated us all. I think the best memories I have photographing Liz, was her class. She had that old time Hollywood style. She treated the media with smiles and professionalism that is so hard to find these days. Elizabeth Taylor was our American royalty. She was our Queen!

Photo By: Walter McBride/Retna