Renowned Doctor Raises Global Awareness for enigmatic Women’s Health Issue afflicting 176 million women and girls worldwide— Tamer Seckin, MD, FACOG, ACGE

Tamer Seckin, MD

Tamer Seckin, MD, the Co-Founder and President of the Endometriosis Foundation of America (EFA) has lent a voice and sense of urgency to endometriosis. Ranked among America's Top Surgeons & Gynecologists, Dr. Seckin has over two decades of experience and has established himself internationally as a leading specialist in Advanced Laparoendoscopic Surgery for the treatment of endometriosis and associated pelvic pain pathologies. Alongside Co-Founder, actress/model and author Padma Lakshmi, Dr. Seckin, with the collegial support of leading experts and advisors who contribute to the Foundation's endeavors, strives to further develop public understanding of endometriosis, provide educational learning opportunities for medical professionals and support research initiatives to better understand the pathology of the disease.

This month, EFA is set to host its Second Annual two-day medical conference: Let’s Talk About Sex…and Endometriosis…Seriously! Taking place at the New York Academy of Sciences in New York City, the conference will be comprised of a science & surgery conference coupled with practical patient workshops. Uniting global experts and opinion leaders on endometriosis from the realms of molecular science, research, industry, surgery and those struggling with the illness, the conference is chaired by Dr. Seckin with an international panel of experts along with Keynote Honorees, Dr. Caroline Gargett, BAppSci, MAppSci, PhD and David B. Redwine, MD, FACOG, ACGE. The Endometriosis Foundation of America’s second annual scientific symposium will dare to tackle dyspareunia - a known symptom of endometriosis that remains largely ignored. This provocative, politically-charged conundrum is a subject never before presented in a dedicated setting.

Through extensive research and collaboration with scientists, women’s health professionals and patients, as well as continued outreach and education efforts, EFA promotes early diagnosis and effective intervention for endometriosis. So, exactly what is endometriosis? During monthly menstruation, the female body sheds the uterine lining; for women with endometriosis, menstrual fluids leak back into the body in areas outside of the uterus, leading to the development of painful and invasive nodules, adhesions and inflammation of surrounding areas. Symptoms include severe cramping and chronic pelvic pain, severe painful periods, infertility and pain associated with sex; while treatable, early diagnosis and timely intervention are crucial, as length and degree of treatment increases. Many patients are incorrectly informed by their doctors and treated for symptoms - but not the disease itself.

Dr. Seckin is one of the few accredited gynecologic surgeons in the United States who possess advanced training for the deep Laparoendoscopic excision of endometriosis. Although others perform basic laparoscopic surgery, few have the experience needed to execute the meticulous techniques required to sharply dissect and remove all endometriosis from superficial to deeply infiltrating disease. Over the course of more than two decades of treating thousands of women, a vast majority of his patients have experienced long-term relief and as well as no recurrence of the disease. Dr. Seckin has worked with renowned surgeon Harry Reich, MD and has pioneered several surgical techniques including the excision of endometriosis, bloodless myomectomy for the treatment of fibroids, advances in hysterectomy and oophorectomy, and many more. He has also broken new ground in the use of translational medicine for endometriosis, through the advent of progressive graphical technologies which are becoming essential tools for healthcare practitioners and researchers alike. Dr. Seckin has also developed and patented various surgical instruments for the exigent excision of endometriosis, as well as authored countless contributions in leading medical publications.

The Endometriosis Foundation of America (EFA) is a non-profit organization focused on fighting against the devastating effects of a disease that affects millions of women and adolescent girls. Through increased awareness, education, research and legislative advocacy, the EFA is committed to improving affected individuals' lives by early detection and treatment. For further information, please visit www.endofound.org.