David Salidor With Writer Mark Bego

One of the good PR-people, David Salidor, is having a problem with his office, which is located in the Fisk Bldg. on fashionable West 57th street. He’s operated his dis COMPANY, there for 27 years come this March, and as he was about to sign a new lease last June his office air conditioning stopped working. He signed the new lease the next month with the stipulation that the problem would be rectified by Thanksgiving; but, as of this writing ... it’s still not been replaced. Says Salidor, “I love the building; the location, But, when I moved in in 1984, Leona Helmsley owned it and it was run somewhat more on a personable level. Now, the building is one of the Malkin Properties, and, it’s harder than ever to get anything done. I think I’ve been more than patient in waiting, but with spring around the corner, I’m baffled by what’s not happened. In essence I’ve been paying my rent, which includes air conditioning … but, I’ve hadn’t had that since July.” One of his lawyers is meeting Tuesday with someone from the Bloomberg office, so Salidor, whose repped everyone from Madonna to Run DMC, Micky Dolenz along with famed writer Mark Bego, is hoping for a quick resolution. “I have everything meticulously documented, with photos and dates, and if I’ve got to go to court, am more than ready. Honestly, I hope it doesn’t come to that.” Not to let an item go without some sort of PR, Salidor hosts a fete for author Cindy W. Morrison (for her book Girlfriends 2.0) on Tuesday at Chris Gilman’s Yerba Buena restaurant on Perry Street in NYC.

Photo By: Derek Storm