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Thursday, November 02, 2017



Story By: David Salidor & James Edstrom

Barry Z. With James Edstrom, Ian Miller And April Sandmeyer

Cable-TV gadfly Barry Z (The Barry Z Show) passed earlier this week after a series of health setbacks. Say what you will about the ubiquitous Mr. Z, but he was a TV-pioneer much in the way that a Joe Franklin and Nick Yanni were. I worked on a show eons ago, even before Barry, called Crashing New York and though it was done very bare-bones ... we had some of the best guests ever. I know, I booked them. I loved, for lack of a better word, the zeal that those producers had.

Barry Zabusky  AKA Barry Z had such guests as Ray Romano, Joy Behar, Brett Butler, Mario Cantone, Joan Rivers, Jackie Mason, Whoopi Goldberg, Jerry Lewis, Pat Cooper, Regis Philbin, Julie Andrews and Liza Minelli on at various times in the show’s history. I handled, and sometimes that word encompassed a lot, his PR, and let me tell you straight away, that some press agents wanted to work with him, and some did not; and, I will not name them. Barry always claimed he didn’t know why this one or that one didn’t want to work with him … but, I know he did. He was relentless and truth be told, sometimes that sets us PR-folk amok. One thing I always admired about Barry was his drive.

His show was at times on Time Warner Cable and most recently, UStream.

I’m one of those press-people who usually believe that any press, is good press … but, within reason. At various times, Barry offered to have himself arrested to generate some ink. I always said no to that. Good idea, but very clearly not the right way to proceed.

I had clients who avoided him like the plague, but other clients, like The Fantatsicks-producer Tony Noto and Mark Bego were regularly invited back. Barry did his homework and was actually a great interviewer.

Bit by bit, we penetrated the media in NYC. Michael Starr at the Post was the first journalist to give him ample exposure and he should be applauded for that as Barry’s show served to introduce many personalities who went onto to bigger and better things.”

Money seemed to constantly be an issue and at times the campaign had to be put on hold. That interrupted things quite a bit, so for a time, it seemed like we'd move one step forward and two steps back. Never a good recipe to follow.

As recently as this April, Barry was still interviewing people … like producer Tony Moran and songsmith Mike Greenly.

Often Barry showed a warmer, softer side, but that was when he got to know you. A ribald sense of humor for sure, he was great to work with. Sure, he had his business problems – reportedly the Post sued him and won, but he had a dream and you know, you’ve got to respect those dreamers.

For better or worse I’ve had many clients on the edge, Barry was always a challenge and I say that in a very good way. He had a dream.

He was one of a kind and I will very definitely miss him. RIP Barry!

James Edstrom Gives Barry Z. Shocking Interview


Barry Z was a true cable icon. There were only two, Barry Z and the Famed Robin Byrd. Between the two of them, they changed the way cable came into our homes.

I was on Barry's show many times. He was a loyal friend but over the last few years with all the drama in my life with my abusive landlord St Nicks Alliance, I lost touch. I guess I did not lose him, I kinda lost the world with all the abuse I was getting in my life.

I asked about him a few weeks ago and was told he was doing OK and was still around. 

In the old days I would invite Barry Z to all my parties. He would always film and do interviews and I had many big names at my Birthday bashes.  I would have the cast of One Life To Live and As The World Turns and Barry Z would turn their worlds. I would have Angie Bowie, Honeymooner Joyce (Trixie) Randolph, Grace Jones, Subway Gunman Bernie Goetz and Barry would interview them all. A interview from Barry Z, was not always a honeymoon. Sometimes he would be doing a professional interview and out of the blue he would ask about erections. Some stars had a great comeback, others freaked out, but this was Barry Z.   I would have the heads of The National Enquirer, Star Magazine, The NY Post and The Daily News at my parties and Barry Z. would just push them all away and do his thing.

I had fun with Barry Z. Everyone in New York City knew him and Robin Byrd. They was the queens of cable. Going to any club with either of them would mean everyone was staring at us all night. I was on The Barry Z. float in the Gay Parades. After Barry would treat to dinner and that was something because Barry Z. held onto every dollar. He always had money problems because he spent so much producing his show. Nothing else mattered, his show meant the world to him, even if it meant spending the rent.

Barry Z. could have been huge on Regular Television. There was nothing else like it out there. Once I arranged for some heavy Hollywood producers to meet with Barry Z. about syndicating his show. They saw the value of his access and the value of so many years of stock footage. They were ready to put millions into the project, but things fell apart when Barry Z. wanted to control everything. He still wanted to do it all and the Hollywood people wanted to hire producers and staff and let Barry Z. be the star. Barry Z. wanted control of everything so the deal fell apart. I just never understood this and I told him he needed to give up control and be the star. He refused.

At one of the worst times in my life, when I got real sick from AIDS, I was going through hell with the system in New York City. Barry Z. got on the phone and called Senator Tom Duane. Withing 15 minutes all the problems were solved. I would never had survived if it were not for Barry Z. helping me.

He got big interviews with many stars. But he loved the politicians. I remember he got Congressman Barney Frank to do a interview at Broadway Langans. We drank beer and had a blast. 

I am very sad of the Passing of Barry Z. He was a true New York City Icon and a friend!

Saturday, August 04, 2012


Mary Wilson

A veteran-PR-mister David Salidor explains it: “When I was first approached about the possibility of being the celebrity-booker for Sirius/XM’s Brett Winterble, “I knew it’d be great fun to get back into that game again and jumped at the opportunity. I love talk-radio, have for years and though it’s a tremendous output of work and coordination, it’s at the edge-of-your seat fun.”

In his first two months on board, Winterble (who’s on 9:00PM each night on Sirius/XM channel 168) has spoken to a wide swath personalities, orchestrated by Salidor ; Casey Anthony attorney Jose Baez; former Mayor Rudy Giuliani; Micky Dolenz; Debbie Gibson; Kate Taylor; and, former Surpeme Mary Wilson. “I'm trying to get a well-rounded series of people, for Brett to speak with; yesterday he had on political satirist Will Durst as well as security-expert David Nance, whose information after Aurora proved very informative and timely. Next week, Peter Asher and Bangle-Susanna Hoffs."

Salidor adds that the Emerson-educated Winterble is a quick study and that more often than not, the name he’s booked get back to him with tremendous words of praise for the chat-host. “From my PR-background, I always encourage my clients, as well as the writers, to follow up with me with their feedback. In Bret’s case, almost all of the guests have gotten back to me with high praise. That’s a great sign. He’s a great interviewer … who pays attention. Interestingly enough, I think his favorite guests so far have been Durst, Taylor and Gene Cornish."

Salidor’s PR-component, the dis COMPANY, continues as well. “There was never any thought to not continue with that; rather what I'm doing now is an adjunct to it. He also manages musician/writer Adrian Niles who opens at B.B. King’s on September 6th for New Riders of The Purple Sage, something Salidor feels will have a great impact on his career. “Adrian had two tracks on F/X’s Justified this spring, so there was a 50% increase in his awareness within the industry; this gig will do another 50%.”

Salidor looks to expand his booking stint to other stations. “In light of downsizing at various stations, I feel I can come in and really give them a leg-up in regard to booking key personalities. We’d be very interested in exploring these situations.”

“With Brett, I'm now on the other side of talent; buying it, rather than selling it. It’s terrific and I applaud his producers, Brandon Damore and Rod West who made this happen. I'm having a terrific and very productive time.”

Photo By: Sara De Boer/Retna


Wednesday, May 16, 2012


 Rebecca Bruder

There’s a new vehicle for emerging actors and emerging plays; a Podcast called You Heard It Here First. Produced and created by Kate Vohwinkel and Philip Eggers, YHIHF’s goal, according to the pair, “Isn't to present finished products, but to continue the ever growing conversation surrounding the art form. We always feel that our greatest recordings are the recordings that spark a conversation between the playwright and actors about the characters, themes, and creative process. It's free to subscribe on iTunes and you can listen on your way to work on the subway or in the car. While we have been focused on new plays, we hope to also present new songs, poems, or even chapters of novels.”

One of the first guests for the show is actress Rebecca Bruder, who just participated in the reading of the play The Perfect Wife at the Abingdon Theatre in NYC, with director Jan Buttram and literary manager at the theatre Kim Sharpe. Under the tutelage of noted theatrical-manager William Schill (Jesus Christ Superstar; Saturday Night Fever) Bruder, who was just at the recent Tribeca Film Festival to see the premiere of the movie Deadfall, is an emerging new talent to watch.

Check them out here:

Photo Courtesy Of: David Salidor

Wednesday, April 11, 2012




RASPIN, an L.A.-based singer/songwriter has just recorded an updated version of Donovan’s “Hurdy Gurdy Man,” in honor of the singer’s forthcoming induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame; class of 2012.

Steve Reid of the Rippingtons/Supertramp fame, and Danish-producer Bo Astrup produced the song.

Says Raspin, “Donovan has always been an inspirational artist to me; both lyrically and musically.” Raspin artist also served as the vocalist for TV’s The Wonder Years, where he deftly covered “Catch The Wind,” also by Donovan.

His first solo record, We Do What We Do, was tremendously received by the industry, with one writer saying: “His songs place a premium on intelligence lyricism; demonstrating a clear and almost writerly (in print) sensitivity.” The album was licensed for Starbucks and heard throughout their stores nationwide.

From the Leon Redbone/Leon Russell-school, Raspin is a captivating presence both onstage and in his songs. Hands down he emerges as a true song stylist.

What We Do is a song cycle; a collection of lustful, political and often daring songs that emerge from the artist’s consciousness. Utterly irresistible and significantly unique!

“Hurdy Gurdy Man” is available through iTunes.

Find out more at

Saturday, February 19, 2011


David Salidor With Writer Mark Bego

One of the good PR-people, David Salidor, is having a problem with his office, which is located in the Fisk Bldg. on fashionable West 57th street. He’s operated his dis COMPANY, there for 27 years come this March, and as he was about to sign a new lease last June his office air conditioning stopped working. He signed the new lease the next month with the stipulation that the problem would be rectified by Thanksgiving; but, as of this writing ... it’s still not been replaced. Says Salidor, “I love the building; the location, But, when I moved in in 1984, Leona Helmsley owned it and it was run somewhat more on a personable level. Now, the building is one of the Malkin Properties, and, it’s harder than ever to get anything done. I think I’ve been more than patient in waiting, but with spring around the corner, I’m baffled by what’s not happened. In essence I’ve been paying my rent, which includes air conditioning … but, I’ve hadn’t had that since July.” One of his lawyers is meeting Tuesday with someone from the Bloomberg office, so Salidor, whose repped everyone from Madonna to Run DMC, Micky Dolenz along with famed writer Mark Bego, is hoping for a quick resolution. “I have everything meticulously documented, with photos and dates, and if I’ve got to go to court, am more than ready. Honestly, I hope it doesn’t come to that.” Not to let an item go without some sort of PR, Salidor hosts a fete for author Cindy W. Morrison (for her book Girlfriends 2.0) on Tuesday at Chris Gilman’s Yerba Buena restaurant on Perry Street in NYC.

Photo By: Derek Storm

Sunday, December 19, 2010



David Salidor With Clay Cole

I had just finished watching the movie Pirate Radio (2009) with Philip Seymour Hoffman, Bill Nighy and the wonderful Rhys Ifans, wherein I marveled at all the terrific music in the movie; from several Rolling Stones tracks to The Turtles’ “Eleanor.” Watching that movie and hearing all that terrific music, yet again strengthened my resolve and made me feel positively joyous. Again, the power of music cannot be denied. Then, I get some bad news, from my friend Tom Cuddy; That the legendary TV and radio personality Clay Cole had passed away. Earlier this year Tom gave me his wonderful memoir Sh Boom! (The Explosion of Rock ‘n Roll - 1953-1968) (Morgan James Books); detailing Cole’s magnificent rise to fame in the early 60’s, where he wrote, produced, and was the on-screen talent in several different shows. It’s probably one of the best three music books I've read this year; however, meeting and getting to know Cole was truly an experience in itself. I can safely say that he was everything depicted in the book and more; tremendously gracious and so knowledgeable about all things music. He was literally a child prodigy who prepared shows in his family’s basement for his family and friends; that kind of reminded me of myself, when in my youth I made Top Ten record charts for an imaginary radio station … go figure! What was interesting when I read the book, and still resonates now, is how often Cole’s accomplishments were highlighted, but he never got his proper due. In one memorable incident from the book: Cole’s show was rewarded by a powerful civil rights group, but he didn't receive the award himself; the very people who he fought without ever having these very acts presented on his show, did. And, to top it off, they didn't even acknowledge him in their speech! Stuff like still happens today, and still hurts each and every time. All I can say is that it was an honor to have met him and spend an afternoon with him. It was, in hindsight, one of the best moments ever for me. I just opened a delighted Xmas card from him this week, so my thoughts go out to his friends and family. Along with my friend Bill Murray, it’s been a tough year. RIP Bill and Clay.

Thursday, December 03, 2009


Eric Martin

Remember the power-rock group Mr. Big from the 90’s. Their song “To be with You” was #1 pop record… in six countries. After several subsequent hits, the group disbanded and their lead singer, ERIC MARTIN, went off and did several solo albums which were released in Japan. Now, his first ever U.S. release TIMELESS is out and features 12 tracks … originally recorded by women, including “Time After Time” and “Eternal Flame” and “My Heart Will Go On.” So far, the album is a stone-cold smash …and now; Martin’s released a fresh re-working of the John and Yoko Holiday standard “Happy Xmas(War Is Over).”We had to ask whether Mr. Big -who recently re-grouped and is on tour in Europe- do any music for the SATC-movie. We got the cryptic reply from Martin, “We would love to.” Seems a perfect fit… Mr. Big for Mr. Big.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Eric Martin

Remember Mr. Big, the pop-rock group from the early 90s, with a series of album on Atlantic? Their “To Be With You” was an across the board smash -- a number one record in 15 countries. Another track, “Green-Tinted Sixties Mind” soon followed. They headlined countless tours and continued as a proper group until 2002, when the members (which included Billy Sheehan, Pat Torpey and Richie Kotzen) all went their separate ways. Martin released two solo albums in Japan that both became runaway hits and caught the attention of Japan’s Tak Matsumoto. Tak’s band, B’z, had sold in excess of 80 million records, and has been a popular band on the scene for 12 years. Tak wanted to put together a new band, which came to be called the Tak Matsumoto Group, which included Eric on vocals. In early 2008, Eric was approached to record a project whereby he would cover various famous ballads sung by women. The resulting album, Mr. Vocalist was released in November of 2008 and topped the charts for months. The success resulted in Mr. Vocalist 2. His new stateside release, via SONY International, is entitled Timeless: which is culled from the two Japanese-releases. It’s also being released in two versions; the first, out now contains two Xmas songs, “Happy Xmas” and the perennial favorite ‘White Christmas.” Says Martin, “I sang them with my own interpretations; I inherited these songs as a new messenger.” His take on such chestnuts as “Time After Time,” “Superstar,” “My Heart Will Go On,” and, “I Will Always Love You”, are decidedly terrific. He makes them his own. You’ll instantly remember the voice! And, in the perfect storybook ending, Mr. Big reunited in 2009 and are on their second European tour as we speak. Martin will be here soon and we’ll talk with him then.

Thursday, October 08, 2009


Sardi's Max Klimavicius With Deborah Gibson And David Salidor

Our forever -American Idol Deborah Gibson was at Sardi’s this morning to shoot some footage for what’s reported to be an in-the-works reality show for her next year. Gibson’s original PR-man, David (The Pasha!) Salidor was interviewed by producer R. Greg Johnston, and then he and Gibson were shot discussing everything, from the night in 1988 when she guested onstage with Elton John and Billy Joel (she sang “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds”) that led to a solo guest spot with Joel the very next week at Nassau Coliseum singing to a show last year at B.B. King’s for the Rockers On Broadway, where she performed alongside Larry Gatlin, Micky Dolenz, Caroline Rhea, and the cast from Jersey Boys. Gibson also said she is back in the studio prepping some new tracks for early next year. Our Gibson-girl is also a welcome pleasure. Check out her site at

Thursday, September 24, 2009




The Shells

Dynasty Electric

Steve Walter With The Improper's Keith Girard

Q104.3's Jonathan Clarke With Steve Walter And The Pasha David Salidor

Keith Girard threw a fabulous party recently at the Gibson Studios on West 54th in Manhattan for his terrific online infotainment -site The Improper. Girard, former editor of Billboard Magazine, has created a true online lifestyle guide filled with news from the theater world, music, restaurants, and fashion. A veteran writer with a gifted eye and ear for upcoming trends and distinctive lifestyles has created a winner for sure. The site’s Front and Center guide is updated several times a day and has drawn raves for its scintillating reportage. Girard had one of the lead stories on the recent Elliot Spitzer outrage, by featuring the first reporting on Ashley Dupree.The space, which was once the storied Hit Factory Studios (where the likes of John Lennon, Paul Simon, Bon Jovi, Stevie Wonder, and, Kiss, among others recorded) is a fabulous free flowing series of studios and open spaces which easily accommodated the featured bands (Zigmat, The Shells, Heavy Road, and, Dynasty Electric) as well as a crowd, that included: Aubrey Reuben from Playbill; PR-man David Salidor with his latest addition, singer/songwriter Larry Stevens; the Cutting Room’s Steve Walter, who teased us all with imminent arrival of a new Cutting Room opening very, very soon; Jonathan Clarke from Q104.3; Billy Gaus, from the Songwriter’s Circle; graphic wunderkind Meredith Spector; Anne Marie Principe with her lovely daughter Micaela Rispoli; and, Girard-co-hort Samantha Chang . The superlative food was from Il Punto restaurant and Whole Foods, and the bar was serving a new vodka product on the scene, quite terrific, called Bison. Quite dazzling! The Hit Factory as a proper recording studio closed on April 1, 2005, however, with Gibson now in charge, it features a walk-in guitar room filled with some of their more amazing pieces from their collection. Salidor, Stevens, and Walter at one point found themselves in there commenting on the historic aspects of the room and how then business has radically changed. The Hit Factory at one time was the leading studio in NYC.
Click Here To Visit The Improper....
Photos By: James Edstrom

Friday, July 24, 2009


Ted Cohen WithTAG Strategic Tom Silverman,
Tim Westegren, Pandora, And, Terry McBride, Nettwerk

Tuesday, we went to the inaugural start-up of The New Music Seminar 2, at the delightful Skirball Center for the Performing Arts at NYU. I had never been there previously and was nearly brought to my knees with the beautiful facility. Definitely designed with acoustics in mind, the sound was immaculate. Every seat had a decent sight line and the stage itself was awash in beautiful lighting and precision design. As far as I am concerned, this is one of the best venues right now in NYC. The opening keynote was delivered by Tom Silverman and Courtney Holt, from MySpace Music. Silverman posed the question … 'How Does A New Artist Break Into The Music Business Now?' Holt immediately launched into a somewhat specific speech of everything that’s now available on MySpace for a new artist and Silverman gamely kept up with him, voicing the possible options, and again asking what would be available down the road. Both opinions were terrifically insightful; however, as a creative person first … I found that point somewhat missing from their dialogue. That old stage adage rang true: IF IT AIN’T ON THE PAGE … IT AIN’T ON THE STAGE. Too much hardware … not enough software! Holt, who had been and bands and worked at MTV, said at one point, it was more important to be play listed … than played. Again, as a 100% creative individual … I take exception to that. I think that good music will find its audience. Look at The Beatles … they’re still finding new listeners every day. In a panel on marketing, Mathieu Drouin, from Crystal Math Management (gotta’ love the name!) made some terrific points: That iTunes is now the #1 retailer in the country; that, in this business, it’s all about the relationships; and, that his current deal with an indie distribution out of the south, nets him 71% of the profits off the top. He also said, that some really good music is coming from individuals who don’t have a lot of money, and that he feels the #1 most significant thing for a new artist to do is to ‘hold onto his rights.’ Other words, no ‘fractured rights.’ Own it all! I think any dialogue is good, and The New Music Seminar faded out of fashion because they had done such a good job. There was really no need for it ... now, there just may be. Seen in the crowd, were; Former PR-guru Howard Bloom with RockAmerica-founder Ed Steinberg, David Salidor, who helped found the whole shebang back in 1980, and Karen Mason from Honor Music group in Atlanta. Welcome NMS!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


David Salidor With Lisa Vinton, Chris Gilman,
Julian Medina And Darcy Jones

Lisa Vinton With James Edstrom And Darcy Jones

TIMES SQUARE GOSSIP was interviewed yesterday by Lisa Vinton and Darcy Jones, who together run the very successful Internet radio chat show "Only2Degrees" at our favorite Toloache restaurant, operated by the marvelous Julian Medina and Chris Gilman, on West 50th street here in NYC. Lisa Vinton is a successful business management consultant and Darcy a financial planning specialist with Smith Barney. Lisa was producing a 30-minute demo on business which she didn’t think came out all that well, but met Darcy and it all fell together. Says Lisa, “The overall concept was ‘2 degrees of separation’ and really focusing on placing people with the right business match … but, I met Lisa, re-did the demo and here we all.” They’ve had all sorts of people on … from John Waite to Dale Bozzio, and, even Willie Nelson’s son Lucas. Lisa, whose is also on CMT’s “World’s Strictest Parents”, says that in today’s downtrodden economy, her show is trying to piece it all together. “I think in today’s economic picture, a show like this is essential.” They first spoke to Medina and Gilman, about their current spot and a new one set for later this year in The Village. Medina ran through his estimable accomplishments and how he has created totally unique dishes. Take it from me; their guacamole is out of this world … with their fish Tacos running a close second. Just fantastic, fun food. Gilman, late of The Palm (25 years!), said that it’s all coming together there and when we looked around, we saw many of his previous guests here at Toloache. Face it, with a Rolodex like Gilman’s … in short order, this place will be huge! We also waxed poetic on how gossip how changed … when someone like a Bob Hope would actually ask what he could do, rather than today’s different times when certain celebrities seem to rile a gossip’s life with relish. Sure, there are mistakes made, but today’s celebrities are much different than those of yesteryear. Check out Only2degress for frank, yet serious, and fun talk. Also on board today were Gilman's PR-man David (The Pasha) Salidor and the show's PR-man Randy Alexander.
Photos By: James Edstrom

Saturday, June 27, 2009




David Salidor And Deborah Gibson

It was 1988 and Long Island-born Debbie Gibson was the hottest thing since sliced bread. She broke onto the scene in 1986 via her song “Only In My Dreams’, and, by 1988 … was everywhere. We were in L.A. for numerous MTV events and media-ops, and the invitation came down to come see Michael Jackson at L.A.’s Forum. Deb was a huge fan, as was I, and was delighted when I was asked to join in. Quickly ushered into the backstage area … we were escorted in to meet Michael. In a huge room, brightly lit, there was The King Of Pop! He was genuinely delightful … honestly, all these years later I don’t recall what I expected, but he could not have been nicer. His personal photographer at the time, Harrison Funk, shot some photos … and, then we were gone. The one thing I’ll never forget is that as we were brought to a special VIP-area (were Tiffany, of all people, was sitting), Marlon Brando was wheeled in … yes, wheeled in. He was so huge at the time, that he was traveling via wheelchair. Michael Jackson completely changed the record business … and, the excitement he made, created and got from his audience will never be repeated. I think the one thing I can say, one day after, is that we all lived through his music. He will be terrifically missed. They’ll never be another performer like him. He was the real deal!
Photo By: Michael Simon/CW 11

Monday, January 12, 2009


David Salidor With Mark Bego,Robert Funaro And Chris Gilman

When I think back over my many, many memories at Steve Walter's Cutting Room on 24th street, I immediately recall all the great acts I've seen there and all the events I've had there (more on that in a minute), and, the always-terrific hospitality and the great people he's always had working there (thank you SUSAN HATHAWAY; PETER ABRAHAM; HOWARD MARK; PR-co-hort CLAIRE O'CONNOR -who I first met decades ago with the legendary LIMELIGHT-icon MAX SABRIN-; and, club-manager JACKIE!), but more than that, and, it's a bit surprising, I think what I enjoyed most there were my musical conversations with him. You know, he went to Boston's Berklee School of Music, and the passion for the music has always remained for him. During my college years, I worked at the legendary Long Island-music club MY FATHER'S PLACE ... and, no, it wasn't my Father's before you ask yourself. I saw first hand, acts like HALL & OATES, DAVE MASON, THE BRECKER BROTHERS, BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN, BOZ SCAGGS, TOWER OF POWER, and, CHICK COREA, at the early developmental portions of their careers. I worked there because I enjoyed the music and loved seeing these bands for the first time; I got to see first- hand what it took and who really had it .. and, who didn't! I recognized that quality immediately with Steve when we had our very first conversation. I'm tempted to say, having known most of the so-called legendary music-impresarios in NY, Steve's been more responsible for creatively booking the club and keeping alive the musical legacy of great acts appearing in NY live, than mostly anyone else I know. The music industry owes him a great debt. Truth be told, he always reminded me of Ron Delsener, who in his heyday was a force of nature; booking the best bands out there and then, continuing to nurture them. And, not that I'm saying Mr. Delsener is no longer in his prime ... but, it's somewhat of a different playing field for him these days... actually, for us all! Hey, I've seen Delsener there many, many times ... and, love the guy! As a PR-person I've utilized the venue many, many times: several book release events for celebrity-biographer MARK BEGO (one which actually drew out WPLJ's legendary TOM CUDDY, DJ-RACE TAYLOR, Supreme-MARY WILSON and, LAMAR FIKE, from The Memphis Mafia); I was there when DEBORAH GIBSON sang with JORDAN KNIGHT (then-and-now a New Kid On The Block); many RONNIE SPECTOR shows; legendary-60's performer MELANIE, who actually rocked the place and was as good as when I first worked with almost 25 years ago; was front and center with MICKY DOLENZ for the recording of a live performance of DONAVAN ... with THE BAND'S GARTH HUDSON, PAUL SHAFFER and WILL LEE in the band; a release party for SONIC Underground's LUCKY 13 package; was there for NEIL and PEGGI YOUNG ... which was an awesome performance; FOX NEWS-scribe-ROGER FRIEDMAN's birthday which was a delight; also there for jazz man JOHN TROPEA and songwriter JIMMY WEBB ... who puts on a one-man show that he started at The Bottom Line; a surprise birthday party for Times Square Gossip's JAMES EDSTROM, several birthday-events for co-owner CHRIS NOTH, the book release party for ELLIOT TIBER' S TAKING WOODSTOCK ... soon to be a major motion picture directed by ANG LEE; many birthday-parties for MAY PANG and Steve (who share the same birthday); a terrific BROADWAY CARES EVENT with DONNIE KEHR, SANDY HICKS, TOM VIOLA, Micky Dolenz ... and, actress JOYCE DeWITT, AL STEWART doing his "Year Of The Cat", and DJ-KEN DASHOW walking in, looking around and uttering 'all the music geeks are here'; a launch party for KEITH GIRARD's terrific, and, to be honest, I had considered for some of our current clients, CHRISTINE VASKAS and LARRY STEVENS. The club will be missed ... mostly, I think, as a place where you could go and hear some fabulous music and get away from the day-to-day craziness in this business. I was there last night for a Jimmy Webb-show and there was a distinct, palpable air of bittersweet-ness in the room. Even when Steve introduced Webb, you could hear a tinge of sadness in his voice. The room will be back ... of that I am very sure. But, the missing time will be hard to swallow. THE CUTTING ROOM became an inspiration in the city and moreso for the dwindling music industry. There may be other clubs, other venues out there, but there will NEVER be anything like this. If you missed it, and, really how could you ... it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and one that I know I am all the richer for!
Editors Note: We love this club. Steve Walter is a class act. The club should re-open in a new location by the summer if everything goes well. The closing party is Tuesday night. This is just another story of a greedy landlord who raised the rent so high, no one can afford to stay in business. And in this economy, this is one dumb landlord. The place will stay vacant for years.

Monday, December 08, 2008


David Salidor With Beauty's

If you remember clubs like STUDIO 54; ICE PALACE; INFINITY; and LES MOUCHES from back in the day, then you no doubt recall a performance troupe called Le Clique. Created by Stu and Marlene Feinstein, from 1977-1979, they literally ruled the roost at clubs that featured a performance spaces. Funny thing is, you may not remember exactly what they were called, but you do remember them and their marvelous routines. As a good friend once said to me "I'm told I had a very good time." Now, there's something called SURROTICA that's catching fire up and down the East Coast. Part performance group; part fashion troupe; but, all entertainment. The creator and producer is fashion-photographer ROBERT BERNARD, who has thus far succeeded in creating a dynamic and memorable performance and fashion spectacle. Take Halloween for instance, Surrrotica and Bernard hand-painted several beautiful young girls,who were then headed to the traditional Halloween-Village parade. Reports were that they turned heads at every turn. Bernard also did several events this past-summer in the Hampton's, and at Kauffman Furs in the fashion district. With the Pasha-David Salidor at the PR-helm (pictured below with some of the Halloween participants), the group is starting to book assignment's at clubs and restaurants in '09.Bernard is calling Surrotica "A new approach to the sensuous and sultry for the new millennium!" Indeed!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Randy Jones With James Edstrom

David Salidor With Susan Hathaway And Mark Bego

Justin Campbell With Randy Jones, Robin Byrd and Vincent Vilela

Celebrity-author MARK BEGO held a small, intimate celebration last night for his birthday at Steve Walter's Cutting Room in New york City. Bego, whose next release (his 51st) is MACHO MAN (Greenwood Publishing), written in tandem with the Village People's original cowboy RANDY JONES. Jones was on hand, accepting early congratulations for the book's release, which will be out in December. Greenwood's own pub-czar DANIEL HARMON was also on hand, as were writer BEN WIDDICCOME (now writing for the Star); cable-TV phenom ROBIN BYRD; Bego's pr-man pasha DAVID SALIDOR; agent JIM FITZGERALD; Pipeline's Mgmt.'s DAVE MARKEN; VH1's DANA BOVE; photographer ROBERT MILAZZO; author ISOBELLA JADE; art-king DEREK STORM; CHRIS GILMAN, late of the Palm West; writer ANNE E. RASO; the Memphis Mafia's E. DAVID STANLEY; Soprano star ROBERT FUNARO; KEITH GIRARD from The Improper; and, JONATHAN MOOREHEAD and JEANNINE HANNUM. As always, Walter and his staff, Jackie the manager and Susan Hathaway were terrific! Bego's next project is a bio on ELTON JOHN that will be released next year, JR Books in London and Michael Viner's Phoenix Books here. Also showing up to help party was Buzz Foto star photographer Justin Campbell and TMZ reporter cutie Vincent Vilela. Also on tap for the Tucson-resident Bego is LAMAR FIKE's AN UNCOMMON JOURNEY ON ELVIS PRSLEY BOULEVARD.

Baby Chic With Derek Storm, Randy Jones And Robin Byrd

Cutting Rooms Steve Walter And Randy Jones

Chris Gilman And Sopranos Star Robert Funaro

Randy Jones With Mark Bego And Angel Gonzalez

Photos By: James Edstrom

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Sensational singer Anne Morrone

Can a new artist really happen on the music scene today without a stint in re-hab, abusive parents and siblings, a car accident or two, a record company stabbing them in the back, bad press, bad photos, or worse?

ANNE MORRONE, from Toronto, looks to be the first artist in far too long with nothing BAD to write about. She, along with her producer SAB RAVALLI, were down in New York at last week's CUTTING ROOM party for celeb-author MARK BEGO, and literally charmed everyone ... from hostess-MARY WILSON( who actually invited her onstage at one point ) to KEN DASHOW from Q104.3,
Her debut CD, WALK THIS WORLD (Attack Records/Universal) will be released in September, and under the careful and watchful tutelage of PR-guru DAVID SALIDOR and producer MARK BERRY, has thus far presented herself as a major new vocalist on the contemporary music scene. One track off the CD, "Burning", has already elicited a major wave of excitement. from radio and the clubs, and, Salidor and Berry are carefully crafting a real program to properly introduce her to the masses. A club-tour will be launched in late-August, which will include The Hampton's, Fire Island, and NYC. The track will also be showing up on several summer-TV shows and a video is on its way. So, can an artist without any controversy really happen? Says Salidor, "In all my years of doing this, absolutely ... when it's someone like an Anne Morrone."

Saturday, March 17, 2007


David Salidor with Deborah Gibson recently

Gotham-based praiser DAVID SALIDOR (who counts MICKY DOLENZ, MARK BEGO, DEBORAH GIBSON, LEXY, among others, as his clients), and, who's company the dis COMPANY, celebrates its 24th anniversary next year ... has a secret ... he's launching his own record/entertainment label in 2 months. It's been a life-long goal, he says, and he's certainly learned from the best. "I've been very fortunate in working with the likes of MADONNA and RUN DMC, and great labels like PROFILE, COLUMBIA and WARNERS, and though the business is very different than it was even 5 years ago, many of the things one has to do to launch an artist and labels remain the same." Salidor says that his label will take full advantage of such online services, like a YouTube. "Five years ago, options like that and TMZ weren't even available, and now, they're playing a significant role in establishing the identities of new artists and music. Starbucks just started their own full fledged record label, and PAUL McCARTNEY is their first signing ... the playing field is changing, and you just have to be cognizant of that." The label will also play a significant role in providing music for movies and TV shows. "I remember when movies started having soundtrack albums ... back then, you were lucky to have one. Now, every theatrical release has one ... and, in some cases two."Salidor has already eyeballed 3 new artists for the imprint, which will formally be named in a month.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Micky Dolenz Deborah Gibson And Q104.3's Jim Kerr

Deborah Gibson with Larry Gatlin, Caroline Rhea and Micky Dolenz

Fresh from a road tour of PIPPIN' Monkee-MICKY DOLENZ joined a host of Broadway performers at last nights ROCKERS ON BROADWAY: JERSEY STYLE (at BB King's) -- which also included pop princess DEBORAH GIBSON (singing "It's My Party"); country's LARRY GATLIN; WILL CHASE (late of Broadway's HIGH FIDELITY); PATRICK WILSON (HBO's ANGELS IN AMERICA and indie-movie HARD CANDY); NORM LEWIS (LES MISERABLE); and, THE JERSEY BOYS ... with a special appearance by LESLEY GORE. The event was hosted by CAROLINE RHEA (TV's BIGGEST LOSER). Dolenz performed "I'm A Believer" and "Gimme Some Lovin'." Interesting was Liza Minelli with a ever so young cutie Jason Drew in the audience. OH, MAYBE NOT SO YOUNG !

Public Relations powerhouse David Salidor with Deborah Gibson

The ever so beautiful Liza Minelli with Jason Drew

Thursday, January 25, 2007


The last time pr-poobah DAVID SALIDOR (Left) worked on a young singer with an amazing reach, it was DEBORAH GIBSON ... Now, he's locked onto the hottest unsigned singer in the country, 14-year old LEXY, from Charlotte, North Carolina. With a CD coming out next week in Canada (produced by MARK S. BERRY-who's worked with DAVID BOWIE; DURAN, DURAN, BILLY IDOL, and BOY GEORGE and CHRISTOPHER ROJAS- who's written and produced for JESSICA SIMPSON; NICK LACHEY; PINK; JOSS STONE; and THE BACKSTREET BOYS), a bidding war has erupted in the States for her. Says Salidor, "Mark Berry found this singer, who's all of 14, going on 15, who is simply the REAL deal. She's possesses an amazing talent and poise ... With the combination of him and Christopher Rojas, they've delivered one of the better CDs I've heard in years. "With the legendary-barrister PAUL SCHINDLER behind them all, an U.S. deal is imminent. She's worked with Beyonce's vocal Coach Kim Wood and next month lands in New York for a series of events.

Soon To Be Star 'LEXY'