Jean Shafiroff

Jeffrey W. Meshel With Michele Rella, Eric Lerner
And Louie Torrellas

Andrew Flach And Jeffrey W. Meshel

New hotspot Hotel Chantelle, located in New York’s hip lower east side, gathered industry professionals and book-lovers to the launch of internationally renowned author Jeffrey W. Meshel’s latest book, The Opportunity Magnet. Those in attendance, including Hotel Chantelle owners Benjamin Shih and Ravi Patel, Hatherleigh Press’ Andrew Flach, FUNK-tional Footwear’s Katie Shea, NYCRS’s James Famularo, Michele Rella, Jean Shafiroff, and entertainment lawyer Eric Lerner, got an exclusive preview of the book at the chic bar and lounge, which just opened this week. Guests sampled Hotel Chantelle’s signature cocktails including The Bramble (a cocktail with a refreshing blackberry sour bend), The Dakota (a Champagne cocktail with white peaches), The Gibson (a martini with cocktail onions and whole peppercorn), and The Bravo (a classic gin and tonic with highlights of tropical fruit). Meshel fielded questions and indulged guests in a sneak peak at wisdom contained in his new book. The Opportunity Magnet: Attract Success in Every Aspect of Your Life explains to readers that creating and building relationships is the key to success, no matter the goal. Meshel guides readers on how to build successful, long-term connections with just six easy steps: receive by giving, communicate with passion, collect relationships, stand out, always improve and learn to connect online. Meshel explains how to merge the online world with the offline world making both efficient and meaningful. Meshel also elaborates on his simple top ten list to stand out: dress sharp; be exceptionally knowledgeable about your business (and business in general); know who you know; collect passions; build teams; always think of the other person; force opportunities; no quid pro quo (this, for that); master leveraging yourself; and always ask the first question. Dubbed “The King of Networking,” Meshel’s first book, One Phone Call Away: Secrets of a Master Networker, explained how to network in the age before the Internet. Today, he maintains profitable and meaningful relationships with over 10,000 contacts, all carefully organized using his unique system in a personal database. When he’s not writing, Meshel is the Founder and Chairman of The Strategic Forum, a high-level networking group that meets monthly; President and founder of Paradigm Capital Mercury Properties, and Mercury Equity group; and Chairman and founder of, an opportunity matching service that connects professional’s interests and secures the same objective with precision and efficiency, launching soon. Despite the name, Hotel Chantelle, located on 92 Ludlow Street, there is no room for check in at this high-end lounge with a French twist. The new must-see site also plans to launch a seasonal menu in the coming months. To learn more about the The Opportunity Magnet, please visit its website at Random House. To purchase The Opportunity Magnet: Attract Success in Every Aspect of Your Life, please visit the Amazon website.